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Why no sanctions on the US? []

Krish55 8 Mar 28
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Hussein was not Shirley Temple and that part of the world is a cesspool. Nobody much cares if the US stirs that shit. Still, the Hague should have indicted and tried Bush and Cheney in absentia. Shame on them for not doing so. Reagan's CIA gave Hussein targeting data on the Iranians knowing that he'd use poison gas, so Reagan should be on the list too (though all this has only recently been revealed).

racocn8 Level 9 Mar 28, 2022

The reason the US did not get sanctions is that we got UN approval and had allied forces going in with us. What Bush did was despicable, it was a war crime in my opinion, but the nations of the world agreed to allow it to happen and many provided support.

glennlab Level 10 Mar 28, 2022

The Western imperialist nations agreed and those from the Global South that were threatened with a cutoff of aid. Moreover, the UN approval was not for a war.

I agree with you, Glenn. @Krish55
Just to add, 44 countries joined the coalition. The UN Sec General at the time said he felt the war was "not in conformity with the UN charter."
With such a large security council and so many with veto power, either permanent or temporary, the odds of another UN at war, like Korea, will doubtfully ever happen again. Peace keeping missions will still pop up.

@Beowulfsfriend Apart from the Western imperialist nations, the others were coerced by the threat of the withdrawal of US aid. Many were smally dependent nations. The majority of humanity did not support the UN resoultion - as reflected by the populations of countries opposed or abstaining to US aggression.

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