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LINK No More Room: Bill limiting Wood County’s substance use treatment beds passes in West Virginia House | (THIS IS DISGUSTING AF!!!!!) 😠

I'm not posting this as some sort of West Virginia political information post.

I'm posting this because the language used, by these white men (ie: West Virginia legislators) is so appalling I wonder if this is the language used most everywhere. 🤔 But we the people, just aren't privy...???

The fear mongering about opioids, the new info breaking the internet about pot and lung damage and heart disease, and so on and so on and so on....

But they don't want the human trash that ends up in treatment centers trying to solve their problems. Trying to stay alive.

What a disgusting shit hole these Republicans want for Americans. 😔😤

“This bill was not designed to hurt or help any county in the State of West Virginia,” said Delegate Scot Heckert, R-Wood, the lead sponsor of the bill. “Recovery is not something that starts or stops on will and demand. What this will do is keep Wood County from being overrun by the counties that don’t want them, don’t want to take responsibility for them, and the other states that don’t want them.”

SeaGreenEyez 9 Feb 24
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Simply stupid, especially as West Virginia has a huge opioid problem. The politicians aren't getting a big enough cut of opioid relief money most likely.

I think they're just assholes. I'll bet there are plenty of them who've been in the wheels of the earlier opioid situation, and very likely some still are. But these are the very people who send their own people out of state. The very people they're bagging on. They're just disgusting people.


When one of their kids needs a bed and can't get one it will be blamed on the "woke".

MizJ Level 8 Feb 24, 2023

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