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Liz Warren; 1st Presidential candidate to call for the Impeachment of DJT. Worth the effort?

on Maddow, Friday, April 19 PM.

Robecology 9 Apr 20
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MojoDave Level 9 May 5, 2019

With Pence waiting on the sideline, No! Moving from the buffoon to the malicious maniacal Christian dominionist is not the correct vector - unless you could get rid of both of them.


Thanks for all the replies! The consensus is no...impeachment is NOT worth the effort and Bernie Sanders is a better choice thanks for all your constructive comments!

Robecology Level 9 Apr 20, 2019

no it would not and I like her but I am voting for Bernie

I like Bernie for President, Warren for VP


Personally, I see impeachment of Trump a mistake. Why? Because the next person inline is VP Mike Pence who is a greater threat to our democratic-republic then Trump. He wants to the government to be run as a theocracy. We are at a greater risk of having more religious conservatives selected to the SCOTUS. We are at greater risk of having Roe v. Wade reversed. We are at a greater risk of non-believers and LGBTQs being discriminated against. We are at greater risk of going to war in Venezuela. We are at greater risk of losing more national monuments, preserves and parks to the oil conglomerates. And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Vote Trump out of office in 2020. Get off your duff and vote Blue no matter who is selected as the presidential candidate. I love the passion of the Berniecrats, but the Bernie or no one” crowd needs to get over it. Whether it is Sanders or Warren or O’Rourke or anyone else, voting Blue is our only hope to save our country.

SageDave Level 7 Apr 20, 2019

@avron You're not correct that over 100 won office because of Sander's neoliberal politics. A good number of these candidates were middle-of-the-road Democrats and at least one is a right-of-center Democrat. As more women run for office, more women will win seats. It just so happens that the female voting block is overwhelmingly Democratic, os more Democratic women being elected is not out of reach.


She sells out to AIPAC and Israel!

Krish55 Level 8 Apr 20, 2019

Huh? Evidence? Links? proof? Remember you're talking to agnostics...we demand evidence...this isn't FB.

Warren is a progressive on Israel…

Warren accepted the endorsement of J Street, the liberal Jewish pro-Israel policy group, and has joined Sanders, who has become a lead critic of its current government’s policies, in some of his initiatives. She was one of 10 senators to write Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to demolish Palestinian villages in the West Bank.

At the launch of at times violent Palestinian protests on Israel’s Gaza border, she urged Israel to show restraint.

“I am deeply concerned about the deaths and injuries in Gaza,” Warren said. “As additional protests are planned for the coming days, the Israel Defense Forces should exercise restraint and respect the rights of Palestinians to peacefully protest.”

Warren voted for the 2015 Iran nuclear deal that J Street championed and that Netanyahu and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee vigorously opposed. She did not show up to listen to Netanyahu’s controversial March 2015 speech to Congress aimed at shutting down the emerging deal.

…but she will defend Israel against her base.

Warren faced down an angry progressive at an August 2014 town hall in Cape Cod. The man was furious that Warren had voted for additional funding for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system during Israel’s Gaza war with Hamas the same summer.

“When Hamas puts its rocket launchers next to hospitals, next to schools, they’re using their civilian population to protect their military assets. And I believe Israel has a right, at that point, to defend itself,” Warren said.

Warren joined a congressional delegation visiting Israel the same year.

She showed up for Shabbat

After an anti-Semitic gunman gunned down 11 worshippers in a Pittsburgh synagogue on Oct. 27, Warren joined a national Jewish initiative to “show up for Shabbat” and spoke at Temple Emanuel in Newton, Massachusetts.

She led the “Prayer for Our Country,” the Boston Globe reported.

“This act of pure evil was an attack on the Jewish community not just in Pittsburgh, but all across our country,” Warren said. “Anti-Semitism is at the root of so many vile and hateful acts. The danger anti-Semitism poses is real and tangible.”

Warren also decried the vandalism in 2017 of a Boston Holocaust memorial.


So how was she, in your opinion, a "sell out"?

@Robecology From Michael Arria: Warren’s position on Israel may be the most craven of all, as she leaves little doubt which side she would have taken in the recent brouhaha, that erupted at the DNC, when a reference to Jerusalem was rammed into the party’s platform. Her website rolls out the usual platitudes (“steadfast, trusted, and reliable allies&rdquo😉 and identifies Palestine’s membership effort at the UN as a “unilateral step” that cannot be condoned. As for the United States assisting in a two-state solution, America “cannot dictate the terms” to Israel, regarding whether or not they should refrain from bulldozing houses or cutting off a population’s access to water.In an article, at Al Akhbar, Max Blumenthal took her to task on the question of Israel, before ending with an entirely sensible point, “ It is far better for progressives to grill her on her foreign policy positions before the campaign is over than after the next war begins.”

@Robecology See original post above. Your own wording distorts the reality. Only a few of the Gaza protestors threw rocks. These were at the Apartheid Fence separating them from the places from which they were evicted in what is now Israel. Most of the Palestinian dead were peaceful protesters including medics tending to those already shot. The protests were about the right to return, which international law guarantees. Israel is defending its conquests and its Apartheid policy of expulsion and segregation.

@Krish55 It's not my wording; its' documented eye-witness information. You contradict it; yet you offer no basis for the contradiction; so I still see no evidence of your comments that she was/is a "sell out". You don't even offer a reference or link to your argument; and you call yourself a history teacher?

Shame on you.

Sorry. You're just showing unfounded bias.

@Robecology You made the initial claim of violent protests. Provide your eye-witness to document that the majority were protesting in that manner. Apply your principles of supportive documentation to yourself...

@Krish55 In case you didn't notice, those claims weren't my words; I quoted from the article. Click on the link and read the article; they have a debate on that page; perhaps you can challenge the authenticity there?

Here, again, is the link. Not my words...theirs.[]

@Robecology "Jewish Telegraphic Agency" "Five Jewish Facts to Know?" You consider that unbiased?

@Krish55 Like I said; you said she "sells out to the AIPAC and Israel!" yet you offer no documentation. I offered documentation and you call that biased...again, with no evidence, no counter documentation. I hope you don't teach that way.

@Robecology I told you that I posted it as a main post above. Take a look, please.


Yeah she makes a good point best scenario get him and his family and the lapdog VP get first woman President by default

bobwjr Level 10 Apr 20, 2019

He is a proven liar and obstructionist, however without the Senate do we want the Crap of that or a debate on taxes and healthcare? Repubs would welcome an impeachment right now.b


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