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They've got heart beats..

By Charlene9
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Tapeworms don't have human DNA though , which is the distinction abortion foes will cite .

Marmion Level 6 June 9, 2019

sounds good to me

Neenz Level 7 June 4, 2019


bobwjr Level 9 June 3, 2019

I guess this is another way of looking at the growing creature as a parasite which I'm told is technically accurate. I think children will become potentially more useful than worms in the long run. The mother and child relation will be like the present creating the future and the future supporting the past. This is mutual dependence. I don't think of this as anything other than a general principle, me being pro-life in general and pro-choice in the particular.

brentan Level 8 June 3, 2019

Chillax dude..laugh a little..for fuck sake..

It is technically. Anyone who knows even a little about biology knows a parasite cannot be the same species as it's host.

@Bobby9 That's interesting. I must look up what way the foetus is and isn't a parasite.

@Charlene I do, honest, but not at serious things like this.

@brentan Start with the definition


I've just spent way too much time thinking about tapeworms lacking heartbeats and embryos inability to feel pain. Anyway I like his train of though.

Paracosm Level 8 June 3, 2019
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