Progressives, Socialists, and Black Lives Matter

Take skepticism to the next level. Question our political and economic orthodoxy! Capitalism has become more doctrinaire and destructive than religion.

Look deeper: Trump and the Republicans are merely symptoms of an economic system that is destroying the world. Modern slavery and current systemic racism developed from capitalism. Let us understand how we got here and how we can bring about fundamental change in human relations and our relationship to the planet.

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We can't afford to subsidize The Rich

Infoguy211 8 July 15
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this is an old one, the new numbers after the tax giveaway are way more lopsided.

glennlab Level 9 July 16, 2019

This is sad... it's awful

Neenz Level 7 July 15, 2019

Would be interesting how much you pay to the massive US war machine...

OwlInASack Level 8 July 15, 2019

This is the repub way, help those who don't need it and send the bill to those who are barely making it.....


No shit

bobwjr Level 9 July 15, 2019

This..Rethuglicans and Corporate Dems OWN this horrid state of affairs..

Charlene Level 9 July 15, 2019

Agree, no doubt.

But the target should not be the rich. The target of the effort and anguish should be the own political leaders who would not do anything about it.

St-Sinner Level 8 July 15, 2019

Fuck the Rich and Corporate whores

No. The Dem led House has passed over 100 bills that Trump and McConnell have blocked from ever getting a vote in the Repub Senate. Put the blame where it belongs: the morally corrupt Republican party.

The meme is criticizing a corrupt system, not any one rich person. Which seems obvious to me, frankly.

It is understood that the anger is against the corporate class which is also the class of the powerful and rich. But they are not going to the self reform, will they?

We should be telling our political leaders and legislators to change it. That and that alone will change the system. We cannot do anything, absolutely nothing.... as individuals or even as groups. We tried Occupy Wall Street vigorously, but it did not work. We have been complaining over 100 years but small public outcries have not gone anywhere. The solution lies in legislation and actions through SEC.

@St-Sinner yes, we definitely need to target the people at the top. 👿

@altschmerz time to eat the Rich...

@jerry99 Corporate Centrist Dems have continuously voted for loosening regulations along with the Rethuglican stooges..

@jerry99 It's just relative. The Republicans have embraced a plutocratic, fascist philosophy while calling it "individual freedom." The centrist Dems want to maintain the semblance of a democracy, keeping the masses just well enough off so they'll continue to muddle along without making waves about the big benefits going to the centrists' wealthy individual and corporate donors. The Republicans are outright evil; the centrists are merely hypocritical and tacky. One is much worse than the other, but neither are admirable.


Fuck the Rich and Corporate whores

Come on - be brave: tell us what you really think 🙂

@OwlInASack eat them..

@Charlene Marry me.

@dan325 and @Charlene I'm sure Mr. Trump is delighted to hear your opinion of moderate Dems.

@jerry99 this early in the PRIMARIES I could giving a flying fuck about what Drump thinks.. I"m more concerned that the DNC is going Jam Biden Down Our they Did in 2016 with Hillary..

@OwlInASack done!💓💓💓💓💋💋💋💋💦💋💦💋

@Charlene Shit. Does that mean if this lottery ticket comes in though I'm lunch?????

@OwlInASack and dinner!🍸🍔🍺🍟🍗🍷🍰

@jerry99 So we should just docilely accept tacky, second-rate candidates because we're terrified of Trump and the GOP? That seems like a cowardly way to live. Don't get me wrong - I'll vote for the lesser of two evils, but only when there's no other choice. We're not at that point yet, and I'll damn sure continue to speak out against both the bad and the mediocre politicians.

@Charlene Ok - stop it now. You're making this English boy blush. And I'm fair and it doesn't look good...

It seems to me that Trump is most likely to win the re-election in 2020 and democrats are in disarray.

@Charlene, @dan325 With you all the way... never vote for shit seconds...well: not until they are the best remaining option

@St-Sinner Disarray seems to be the Democrats' default status. I'm betting that Trump will lose in spite of that.

@dan325 the Dem primaries have Always been down and ignore that history is ignore how the dems became Rethuglican Light..

Just because of public anger against his outrageous personal behavior or his policies?

@Charlene That's certainly been true throughout my (long) lifetime.

@St-Sinner Both. His personal behavior and his policies are both reflections of his vicious, narcissistic, and greedy persona. He has a hard core of moronic supporters that will never leave him, but I don't think they're enough to get him elected again. The last time he also pulled over some independents who were disgusted with Hillary. I doubt that will happen again.

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