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Want a multilingual president?

By altschmerz8
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Or "Show me to your Opium poppy fields that I might protect them for the 50 per day who die from Opioid overdose
in America"

Robecology Level 8 July 17, 2019

Is this some sort of criticism that you don’t believe he’s sufficiently fluent? Do you have any reason for thinking that and, if so, why does it matter?

jerry99 Level 8 July 17, 2019

See the reply above yours.



English and a sense of decency will do.

brentan Level 8 July 17, 2019

Right on!


Not a factor.

Bobby9 Level 8 July 17, 2019

Sure why not

bobwjr Level 9 July 17, 2019

I'll take Pete any day . This Orange Communist Traitor can't even speak English .

GEGR Level 7 July 17, 2019

He's not my favorite, but he's not Trump...so if it came down to it, I'd vote for him...

slydr68 Level 8 July 16, 2019

That's what it's come down to.



Sure, beats the one we have that can't speak English!

MojoDave Level 9 July 16, 2019
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