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Red lipstick, heavy mascara, short skirt, high heels.

Serious question. IS THERE a message she is sending when she goes out, when she goes out on a date, goes on a job interview? (3 answers)

Rondo 4 Oct 15
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Works for Newt, works for me. 🙂

Sticks48 Level 9 Oct 20, 2019

If fox then no brains may be for rent , on a date it's charge by the task

bobwjr Level 9 Oct 20, 2019

Hmm. There's no red lipstick on Newt. Nor anyone else in that picture. (Those aren't skirts. Those are dresses. I digress on that note.)

You're using FoxNews to try to delve into an intellectual conversation about sexism. FoxNews' target market is 50 years +, non-college graduate, and lower middle class income. This is what speaks to most of those people. Sadly. I don't believe there's much thought given to anything by anyone. There's no covert plan to sell sex, that's just common marketing strategy.

You nailed him commercial cash register GREED LEADING consumerist shit for sale


Fort Worthless Newt took a mistress when his 1st wife was dying of cancer then married the mistress after the funeral.....took a 2nd mistress when wifey2 was dying of cancer and running 4 prez 2011.... TrumpOLINI and Fort Worthless Newt about the same age and use up women like racecars


None of them look professional, unless they are trying to be professional call girls.

@OwlInASack yes, it was a bit harsh. I just don't find any redeeming qualities in women who work for faux noise, and allow themselves to be objectified for their short skirts and high heels and think they are journalists.

@Redheadedgammy when 80 year old boys wear mid-thigh dress shorts cuffed and tuxedo striped and open shirt revealing chest hair THEN THE SEXIST RACIST fake news shows will be "fair&balanced"

Not harsh at all....television has been selling female flesh 60+ years just like Hollywood sells sex for 100 years


They want to look good?

Bobby9 Level 8 Oct 15, 2019

According to some body language experts we aim our crossed legs away from people we want to avoid.

I'm sure they do. Body Language experts are as effective as tea leaf readers.


Duh, ya think?

Robecology Level 8 Oct 15, 2019

I think you would need to be very circumspect working with women these days. I think the issue lies between the women wanting to look their most attractive and men needing not to be affected by that.

brentan Level 8 Oct 15, 2019

Don't be silly. All legs are crossed.

St-Sinner Level 8 Oct 15, 2019

Tiny penis boys....TrumpOLINI Fort Worthless Newt AND YOU.....small hands deep tan and brains of a leaping LEMUR sideways is the only way you skip around

I am not small hands 🙂

@St-Sinner same size as TrumpOLINI 4 inch skinny penis to match his tweeting finger

@GreenAtheist How do you know these things? Are you into penises?

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