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Conspiracy Theorists Claim Bleach Solution Cure for Coronavirus

Once touted as a "cure" for autism, Trump-supporting QAnon folks, conspiracy theorists and a famous YouTuber - are now claiming that a dangerous chlorine dioxide mixture called a "Miracle Mineral Solution,” sold online for around $28 for a 4-ounce bottle - can prevent and cure the coronavirus.

Now in all fairness, I think these folks are kinda onto something here. After all, if someone drinks enough of this "miracle mineral solution,” I think it’s a pretty safe bet they’ll certainly never catch the Coronavirus - or anything else for that matter - ever again.

Now, my suggestion for those QAnon folks is - why not throw a couple of Tide PODS into the mix, just to ensure you get the job done right? Oh, and be sure to take a few selfies while you’re drinking it all down - that oughta impress all your friends.

But geez, they’re asking $28 bucks for only 4 ounces? Not to complain, but that sounds a little pricey to me. My question is - is it really necessary to the brand name brand “Miracle Mineral Solution,” or will a generic work just as well? Asking for a friend.


johnnyrobish 7 Feb 1
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I would recommend the generic; it is much more economical. It will make you glow like the sun!



bobwjr Level 9 Feb 2, 2020