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America’s “New World Order”— The historical and social roots of US plans for war with Russia and China

The daily analysis of the WSWS derives from and extends this historical analysis, which is rooted in the theories of imperialism of the great Marxists of the 20th century: Lenin, Rosa Luxemburg, Leon Trotsky, and numerous of their comrades and co-thinkers.

In many cases, the great works of Marxism reveal essential characteristics of the historical epoch that become only truer as time goes on.


This will be the most important read you've had in a long time. If you don't find any clarification in this read you're simply not looking for clarification on the world stage.

{This document made clear that the war drive would be used as the occasion to subordinate all aspects of society to the war effort, including the criminalization of strikes and social opposition.

Several months after the publication of the National Defense Strategy document, the World Socialist Web Site published an article entitled, “Pentagon report points to US preparations for total war,” describing a US government publication, “Assessing and Strengthening the Manufacturing and Defense Industrial Base and Supply Chain Resiliency of the United States,” which called for a reorganization of the US economy in preparation for military conflict.

The central target of such measures will be the forcible suppression of the class struggle in the name of promoting “national security.”

The French daily newspaper Libération published a fact check of this article, alleging that the World Socialist Web Site was exaggerating the United States’ preparations for total war.

In reply, the WSWS wrote, “The report advocates changes to the totality of American society with the aim of fighting war. If Libération does not see this as preparation for ‘total war,’ this is only a confirmation of the old adage that ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.’

We now see with the eruption of the US-NATO war against Russia, and the declaration by Emmanuel Macron that France must build a “wartime economy,” that the analysis and the warnings of the World Socialist Web Site were correct—both with regard to the United States as well as France and other NATO countries.}

Did anyone catch my comments yesterday on Germany asking the EU to fund the rebuilding of their military for world incursions? Under a directive of being a united EU military force. This would be a good time for me to point out how WSWS is putting most of the emphasis on the US. Don't let that distract you from recognizing that this is a united international ruling class agenda. I'm betting they're hashing that all out between themselves behind the curtain like they do with everything else. That's why they hold those secretive exclusive periodic gatherings.

{Indeed, with the arming of far-right forces in Ukraine, the United States has sought to repeat what it deemed as its success in arming Islamist fighters in Afghanistan.

In February of 2022, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright called for the US to seek to turn the Ukraine crisis into “a scenario reminiscent of the Soviet Union’s ill-fated occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s.”}

Only Afghanistan isn't on or having been part of the USSR/Russia. And into and throughout Tuesday the Donbass regions, and 2 others now, are legally voting to rejoin the Russian federation which can continue to be legally defended on Putin's terms.

What if I told you that the ruling class view a nuclear world war the same as their views on climate change? That they'll come out essentially unscathed. In other words. To hell with you. What's worse? Death or slavery?

{The conception that the existence of nuclear weapons has made war unthinkable or impossible is a pacifist delusion. Imperialist war is a product of imperialist economics. Every imperialist power has arrived at a complete economic and political impasse.

The spearhead of imperialist war preparations, and the center of all the world economic and political contradictions, is the United States. ...

Imperialism sees no way out of the crisis except through the violent redivision of the world; But this redivision assumes a different form from that of the previous world wars. It is not a matter of imperialist states attempting to seize each other’s colonies. But of regaining lost positions through the destruction of national revolutionary movements, the reestablishment, in one form or another, of colonial slavery, and the destruction of the workers states—above all, the USSR.}

In other words. They intend on taking the system back to earlier centuries when they essentially enslaved most of the planet within authoritarianism. This is what the spell of indoctrination they have over so many is leading us towards.



William_Mary 8 Sep 25
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