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Steve Bannon Gloats ‘Christian Nationalism will Destroy the Democrat Party’

Not trying to hide his contempt for democracy and opposing viewpoints, soon-to-be-jailed MAGA rabble-rouser Steve Bannon spoke to a radical Catholic Christian organization, pointing out that “Christian Nationalism” is what the Democrat Party fears most.” Bannon told the crowd that "We stand with a unique opportunity that will never come to us again. To destroy the Democrat Party as a national political institution.” Bannon then moved on to stoking racial fears by asking "Did you see June 2020, when they burned down Chicago, Seattle, burned down Portland, burned down New York? Did you see that? Are there any federal charges on that?” I mean, talk about a Christian “love fest!”

Wow, and to think I’ve been under the impression that cities like Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and New York were still there. Gee whiz, I just talked on the phone with a friend of mine from New York the other day, and he never mentioned that the entire city had burned to the ground. Guess he must have been too embarrassed to mention it. Either that, or they were able to do one hell of an amazingly quick rebuild of the place. Hell, it doesn’t even look any different.

Of course, I get what Bannon is saying. After all, we all know folks like Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are both paragons of “Christian virtue.” Besides, any student of history knows that a nation run by “Christian Nationalists” is exactly what our founding fathers envisioned when they wrote our constitution. That’s right, they wanted theocratic authoritarian rule - just like in Europe. You know, an America run by preachers - folks like Jim Bakker and Jerry Falwell Jr. Why else would they have crossed the ocean to come here?

The good news is, Christian Nationalists are determined to bring you some real Christian love, even if it means through the barrel of an AR-15. “We’d like you to accept Jesus as your personal savior. Either that, or we’re gonna have to kill you.” Obviously, Christian Nationalism and fascism go together - like Catholic priests and choirboys. Speaking of Jesus, Bannon wants to be right there for Trump’s “second coming.” Of course, first he’s gotta spend a little time in jail. That’s right, poor Steve’s going to prison. All I can say is, it’d sure be a damn shame if he’s not able to shower and shave like he’s used to.

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johnnyrobish 8 Oct 19
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Ruined my morning with the picture🤮 but the rant was excellent😈🤣😈!

Try this. Actually please don’t.😉

@Garban 🤣😈🤣

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