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The Secret History of a Riot

The 800-page gorilla of a report from the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the Capitol seems strangely silent on a few matters that, apparently, were a bit too uncomfortable for the Committee to take on.

So, buckle up for a discomfiting ride with our investigative team that has been tracking the insurrectionists for years before the Insurrection.


Here's a couple of articles from Greg Palast. Above you'll find why I've been calling the Jan 6th hearings a white washing of facts, realistically another cover up of continuous complicity where the top criminals walk away free while those they manipulate pay the ultimate price. As a whole though, we're all paying a price because such a vast majority of our citizenship has been manipulated on both sides.

From the above article:

{Our investigative photojournalist Zach D. Roberts captured Alexander’s threat, made at a small rally outside the Georgia State House. (Roberts, a specialist at infiltrating right-wing groups, has been tracking Alexander for years—something you’d think the FBI would be doing.)

What the Committee left out: We discovered that Alexander was brought to Georgia by the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the Georgia Republican Party for their get-out-the-vote drive for the Senate run-off races that was to be held on January 5, 2021.

And here’s the stunner: Alexander was brought in by the GOP on January 3, 2021, that is, after he made his threat to burn down government buildings and after he promised a “riot.”

For Law & Crime we investigated a curiosity, a frightening curiosity: The official police procedure manual and the FBI manual and long-standard operating procedure nationwide requires that in the event of crime involving injury, the crime scene must be sealed and all possible suspects and witnesses held until they are identified, evidence collected, and suspects ‘cuffed and booked.

Yet, in an utterly astonishing violation of protocols and rules, the Capitol attackers–criminals all–were given a free pass out of the building.

The cops did everything but give them a 21-gun salute.

The FBI, Capitol Police and DC Police simply allowed the criminals to leave. Officers did not take names and they did not take their cell-phones filled with incriminating selfies and texts. Remember, this is a murder scene… and they let witnesses and perpetrators simply waltz away.

When a stray bullet broke the window of my local bar, every person in the bar, in the entire building, was required to stay until cops took down all names as potential witnesses.

Yet, with the nation’s Capitol seized, why was no one stopped, photographed, booked or simply had their name taken as they were escorted out? The Committee seemed uninterested.}

Quite frankly. Donald Trump has been inciting riots and violence since he began campaigning in 2016. He has essentially provided the means of the current up tick and compliance in our society of the fascist ideology now spreading throughout it. Which would lead to supporting and funding its murderous nature in Ukraine. Which elements of Ukrainian fascism have been infiltrating our government since the Reagan administration. They have since then spread throughout our nation, no longer needed to be underground, now openly so with government support. []

Darkness and Thanks

I want to let you in on something personal. Kind of rare for me. Today felt really dark.

The press has been celebrating the “record voter turnout” in Georgia. But I know the terrible truth: Voter turnout plummeted by a million votes.

Why does it matter, and why do I care?

Having one more story, one more fact, buried by propaganda—hey, that’s just another Tuesday in American journalism.

That’s not why the darkness seizes me.

It’s because I was there when the elegant, elderly African-American woman in a walker was told, “Your registration has been cancelled” while her granddaughter broke down in tears. I was with the soldier who was refused his ballot at his military base. Fighting his emotions, he told me, “I couldn’t believe it. Not my country. Not now. Not this day and time.”

It’s when I think of the victims of these attacks, whose citizenship, whose humanity is denied; that sends me spinning into a frustrated rage.

Frankly, after 22 years of this, I just wanted to quit.

But, then, I get a text from Major Gamaliel Turner of Georgia, the soldier, thanking me for telling his story.

You don’t have to ask: The Major is Black, his challenger is white.


William_Mary 8 Jan 7
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