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I'm going to try this later.

bigpawbullets 8 July 10
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It should not be marketed it's supposed to be a trade secret.


Yes, they should. And they could charge extra for the optional cushion.


It's important to take breaks during the workday.

Razorjelly Level 7 July 10, 2018



You got the life.

kenriley Level 8 July 10, 2018

BIG time.


That's the way every wheelbarrow owner takes a break!

You're right I used to use them no matter how dirty they were.

@Sheannutt You're dirty anyway, right?

@Sheannutt “I ain’t sittin’ in no dirty wheelbarrow.”

@MissKathleen A clean gardener?

@AstralSmoke MY wheelbarrow is dirty. THIS wheelbarrow doesn’t even look like it's been used. I think it’s just the place he sneaks off to have a beer.

@MissKathleen Yes, I bet it is. My wheelbarrow isn't the cleanest, but not the dirtiest either. I use mine this way (sometimes). Well, without the beer and cig.

@AstralSmoke See! And there’s not a speck of dirt on his clothes and there’s no clumps of mud or grass in his shoe treads. But y’all were fast to jump on my case?

@MissKathleen I'm not sure how/why we jumped on your case. You're correct, this is a staged photo, no doubt. But I have been known to sit in my wheelbarrow this way before. I'm not a very clean gardener 😉


Looks like that wheelbarrow has never been used, mine always have something in them and are coated in dirt and old concrete scale.

Surfpirate Level 8 July 10, 2018

Mine was used like that too but when I was tired I did not care it made it great chair.


Oh boy does this bring back many memories LOL

Sheannutt Level 9 July 10, 2018

Reminds me of a line from a Dylan song.
I feel like falling in love with the first woman I meet
putting her in a wheelbarrow and wheeling her down the street.

@kenriley I remember that song it's been a long time since I've heard it too

@Sheannutt Name is Things have changed

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