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The love of my life passed away last May after battling cancer for 3 tough years. We were together for 31 years. This is the club no one want to be in. Grief sucks. Im just now starting to feel less like ive lost a vital organ.
Condolences and gentle hugs to all who have lost loved ones.

Sonja44 7 Aug 6
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My wife died a little over two years ago. I have several friends who have also lost their wives. I'm beginning to believe that this old saying about wifes outliving husbands (or partners) has gotten to the point that it's not true any more. And I sure haven't noticed any widows lining up to seek another man. Of course, a large part of that may be due to my being an agnostic. A lot of women can't (or won't) deal with that.

Spudgun Level 7 Aug 7, 2020

Same to you,my longtime girlfriend passed two years ago after 27 years togetherπŸ˜”


condolences to you


my condolences.


Hugs and condolences

bobwjr Level 10 Aug 6, 2020

I'm so sorry you had to join us.

freeofgod Level 8 Aug 6, 2020

Sending a bear hug back to you. It will be 8 years for me in September. I promise it gets easier.

Lorajay Level 9 Aug 6, 2020

Lorajay, can you tell me when? That's not sarcasm. It's been two years and yes things are better than they were last year but things still suck like hell.
Today is his birthday.

It’s been 18 years for me, still not over but it is a bit better most of the time.

@freeofgod I think you're a little like me and you think you can stand anything as long as you know how long. I was so busy for the 1st 2 years just trying to keep my head above water that all I had time to do was grieve and sell things so I could make it alone. I think the busy part was actually good for me. About 2 and a 1/2 years after he died I had a suitor and that helped a lot. I still think of my Kenneth often. That thought usually includes not only sadness for the loss of him but also thankfulness that he did not have to suffer any longer. I also have some great memories that don't make me said just thankful I had them.

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