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Thought of the day....

RobertNappi2 9 Dec 6
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no one is forced to read any of the jokes


personally I love them all


When I first joined I was thinking I had joined a more intelligent group . Today , many of the posts seem to focus on shit , penises , and now , rectum . Is there some reason we've been reduced to the level of three year olds ? Oops , I posted too soon , it continued with boogers , and a woman wearing a pair of men's Y fronts , bass ackwards as a halter . Sp ,uch for intelligent conversation .

Cast1es Level 9 Dec 6, 2019

You have to look at the gender of the poster , Males reverting to middle school humor .

Cheesy JOKES...I left my intellect in the other groups

Then why are you bothering with this group?


Lol I'll wreck you!

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