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A friend went to South America for a vacation and brought me back a small figurine that I hung on my rearview mirror. It was dark red, had horns, wings and a tail, a goatee, an enormous erection, and one foot was bright yellow and like a duck's. As soon as I put him up in my car I started to get lucky parking, and named him Parking God. I was in a Club waiting for my girls and it was happy hour, so I knocked a few back quick. Turning to the guy that was trying to make eye contact, I said " Have you ever heard of Parking God ?" He said no, so I proceeded to make up this off the cuff story that PG ( The deity that delivers ) was waiting for anyone getting an unexpected great parking spot to say " All thanks and praise to Parking God." You would then get great spots more and more often, never forgetting to thank him. All PG wanted in return was that you spread the word. My girlfriends picked it up and soon it was our staple barfly gambit. Oh, those were the days. Oh , I wish that dress still fit.

ForTheBirds 6 June 11

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You are guilty of misappropriation of a deity. I have been looking for that figurine for a long time and you have had it the whole time. That is the god of enormous penis. It is suppose to give men an enormous penis when that figurine is placed under a man's pillow while a man sleeps at night. Shame on you for misusing a god. Lol.

Found him. I miss you, Parking God.


??? love the story yes my PG gets me parking every time. Hahahaha

That's hilarious...


No such thing as parking god, you were always the goddess.... It was always you !!!!!! ???


GREAT story! Does PG still work on your behalf?

You bet ! Try it.

You bet he does.


Oh Honey, you still knock their socks off I would bet. It's all about the Attitude and if you still have that then that's all you're ever going to need. Dresses don't matter, they just wind up on a hangar anyway.

I love great clothes. Leather, Silks and Linen, Designer outfits. Steve Madden heels. Scarves and wraps. Hats, gloves and boots. Love them because they are beautiful of themselves.

@ForTheBirds It's refreshing to see a person who takes pride in how they dress in this new era of 'casualness'. I used to be a real clothes horse, picked out my own fabric for my suits in the garment district and then had my tailor make my suits but those days are gone. I still tend to over dress but my wife was a model so there is no way I am going to get away with under dressing. 😉


Do you have a picture of the parking god?

No, more's the pity. He fell victim to Spring Cleaning Disorder and was in too many pieces for glue. I replaced him with a feathered shrunken head I picked up in Hawai'i.

Found him on an old computer pic file. Miss him.


The dress could be transformed into a wall ornament, it brings fond memories!


Great story

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