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I've discovered/concluded that I really can't stand baby talk in a relationship.

Anyone else have a pet peeve about this too?Any thoughts about it?

I think for me, it seems so disingenuous and childish.

ownworstenemy 7 June 15

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I don't like baby talk with a baby!

I consider baby talk to babies as retarding their language learning and usage.


Hate it. An old boyfriend started saying "I wuv you". He even wrote that way in messages. Ugh.

I had a girlfriend who did this to her child as well. I said please don't speak to my daughter that way. Sure enough she met her and the oooh wah a pretty lil baby, goo, goo, gah, gah began in her exaggerated southern style. My daughter looked at me and said What's wrong with her mommy?"

Its shows the IQ of a gnat.


A relationship? I don't even like it when people do it to their own babies. I also hate it when preschool teachers to it to parents. And I hate it when nurses do it to patients. And if I am ever in a nursing home and a worker says "and how are we doing today Ms D? You must eat all your lunch you know" in a sing song voice; she is going to get a punch in the nose.

Why are a lot of people's response to incidences that irritate them some kind of violence?

Maybe because when you ask them to stop doing it and they completely ignore you? I wouldn't resort to violence. SIlence, as in gone away from the offender permanently is best.

@Purplelotuspod My response was to the remark "she is going to get a punch in the nose.". That is a violent response to non-violent action. Your statement, "Silence, as in gone away from the offender permanently is best.", would be an appropriate response. IMHO


Baby talk is a definite turn off for me. A deep growling voice with an undertone of desire, on the other hand... yeowza! (;

Zster Level 8 June 15, 2018

Baby talk, women that act ditzy for effect , I find the stereo type of the dumb blond is a turn off for me, I enjoy ladies who are funny smart direct and confident

Corvus Level 6 June 15, 2018

gees that's a relief. I thought men mostly liked that 'little girl' voice.

@MsDemeanour No way, at least no one that I know.

Men do it too. I found that an old boyfriend standing at 6'4" with a presence, speaking in fluent baby talk particularly disturbing. When he did this in public, I wanted to just die. No, no, and hell no.


I have never quite understood why people do that.


I hate when people baby talk to babies so yeah I totally agree !!

Simon1 Level 7 June 15, 2018

I only did it so far as when they were that age demonstrating sounds. M L D B etc.


I don't even like talking to children that way.
It's demeaning and disrespectful.
I can't even tell you if anyone has tried that with me.
If they did, it was a LONG time ago, and it didn't last long.


My ex boyfriend (we are still good friends) still calls me "Baby Girl," and I tolerate it from him. I cannot stand baby talk and I hate most "euphemisms." This is a bit indelicate to state, but I had a former boyfriend who called vaginas "hoo-ha monkeys." He used this term one day and I said, "If you say that one more time, I will get up and walk out." He was totally shocked as his former wives/girlfriends thought it was funny. I was not them.


It's fairly annoying. Especially for others around. It's kind of like making out at a bar. A few years ago an ex and I were at one for New Years. She wanted to kiss me. I kissed her back, but she got mad because I didn't want to keep on going. I talked to her about it the next day. She said "I just wanted to make out". That couldn't have waited until we were back at your place?


Well, it feels like you're being talked down to, like you're an infant that can't understand normal human conversation. I would say it's perfectly normal to be put off by baby talk.


Don't like baby talk, but so marrying the first man to say "Hey baby!" After he took in a mouthful of helium.


Sorry. I loves babies (had a few) and they LOVE baby talk...hence the expression, “baby talk”. It’s calming and loving. Dogs and cats love it too. Not disingenuous but an actual expression of love. Idk how anyone can “hate” baby talk, but I know it ain’t about me. Just sayin.

By the way I don’t use baby talk with grown-ass people, unless they’re acting like whine-y in which case it’s more to break the mood and bring in some humor.

*whine-y babies

@Elusia8 I think you hit the nail on the heat. Babies and pets love it. Adults? Hey if you like, fine, but eeeew.


I can't stand baby talk...period. 🙂

I mean adult's or baby's .


I agree whole heartedly !


well.... ok I baby talk my dogs. So that's out. I think of it as an inherited thing, regional, & along the lines of "LOL speak" . I'm sick with LOL speak too, in baby talk, to my dawgs. So I'd probably drive you nuts with that punctuated with 50 cent words.

Qualia Level 8 June 15, 2018

We are not Dwags ?

@VAL3941 yes but he said "in a relationship" didn't specify which one. 😉

Smart, you are getting cleverer by the day and just as sassy ? ??

@VAL3941 LOL blush yeah is "sassy" what they're calling it these days?, love that. My kid's word for it is "spicy" . LOL haha

Hey ! Sassy was a word used 50 years ago, please don't show up my age ?

@VAL3941 Just don't hear it in these parts much i guess. Anything that isn't describing a female as "doormat" means "bitchy" anymore it seems.

I am not fond of this modern/young english language, my age group English is much more refind and descriptive.

@VAL3941 I concur to a great degree. We don't get to hear adjectives like "sassy" often enough.

Glad you approve !

@VAL3941 😀😀😀

Now don't go getting the vapours on me ? ??

@VAL3941 LOL no worries

And also please don't start swooning over me ?

@VAL3941 Ok, if you insist, I subscribe to the urban dictionary def of that word tho...
/holding out for velvet glove unicorn who can handle a hot horse 🙂

Never heard that one before. Just goes to show, can learn something new every day ?


I don’t even like baby talk to babies.


I do not prefer baby talk at any time including when speaking to babies. My wife and I always spoke “normally” to our children. When they did start to talk, people were amazed at how well they spoke for such a young age.


Find it annoying myself.

Bjy001 Level 7 June 15, 2018

Yeah... that sucks. My wife started telling me what the dogs like and how they feel and talks to them like they understand and does this in front of me...... damn! She started this after we visited her sister for a few days. I told her the other day not to speak up for the dogs when I holler at them for a puddle of ( throw up ) on the floor. I said babe... don't come in here, in front of me, telling the dogs they ain't getting another treat if they do that again.... damn that gives me a headache. Some days I have to tell her not to act and do things like her sister.... baby talking the dogs like i get it and its acceptable and I want to hear the latest lectures shes given them.... oh yeah... I do not like baby talk.

I can so relate to what you have stated.


Yes! I hate that, and pet names. I'm not a child lol.


I only talk that way to animals. You know, there's the 'cat voice' and the 'dog voice' and they both involve a kind of 'Ooza floofy doofy schmoople blerble meeble fleep' kind of babble.

With people, I'll often use a squeaky voice for comedic effect, but at least I use real words with it! ?


Okay, here I go walking in the middle of the road again. One of these days I'll get hit... I have nothing against Anime, but the shrill voices they use for some young female Japanese anime characters bother me more than most baby talk, unless it's in constant use by both adult parties in a relationship - then it's just wrong.
Otherwise, I don't have a problem with it in small doses, but I do agree with not using it with children. Why teach them that a bottle is a 'baba', only to have to teach them later that it is a 'bottle', and that a 'binky' is a pacifier? Life is confusing enough for youngsters without having to learn two versons of their own language - baby talk and regular.

Awgawd, I can't stand those voices. Unfortunately it's a deeply ingrained cultural expectation in Japan that the ideal woman is almost disturbingly youthful, complete with the tiny little child voice. Doesn't help that apparently they have no idea how to balance their sound on their recordings so the gain on the treble is so high the result is literally painful.

@memorylikeasieve I know, my son explained that to me one day while he was watching one - I kind of like the one about the forensic pathologist, even tho she is a little weirder than Bones. Maybe just a reflection on my age..

LOL I've an animephile kid & have to endure "J-pop" and stuff that sounds like chipmunks on helium @ 200bpm. She gets REALLY twisted up when I crack & start mimicing it. Me "that's what HEADPHONES are for" LOL


I use to feel this way, even toward my babies. I do, however, always baby talk to puppies. The problem is that babies learn language through animated talking. All my children did not talk till they were almost four. But by then, they started in complete sentances and paragraphs. It all worked out. The puppies did not learn to talk...

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