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At the end of this month ..I will pay off my mortgage and be debt free for the first time since I was 20. How would you celebrate?

Bigwavedave 8 June 16

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I farm so I would just use the money to buy more land.


You know, I don't think I would (celebrate). It would just be 'Phew! Thank fuck that's over with' and perhaps a sense of personal satisfaction. The extra disposable then just slides in to the more enjoyable expenditures 🙂

ipdg77 Level 8 June 16, 2018

Take a trip


I'm looking forward to being debt free in a few months for the first time since before college.


I'm almost there myself. I plan to celebrate by setting off on a road trip, maybe never stopping.

so were is your road trip going too? Maybe make a list of members and visit them LOL

Yea . Thank you. That really appeals to me but not my wife. I would like to sell the house, sell of 80% of our stuff and put the rest in storage. I would like to be a nomad for a bit....I will have to compromise ...


Take a cruise!!!

Thanks . I am alaska land sea cruise. ..its really hard to fathom owning my house.

@Bigwavedave one of my favorites! Been a few times!!!

@Vickylyn any reccommendations?

@Bigwavedave everything!!! ? Actually, I just like to relax and take it as easy as possible. Spend as much time as possible on deck in Glacier Bay. And Juneau has Mendenhall Glacier which you see from land. Pretty amazing.
Are you going to Denali?
Try not to overbook activities and end up wearing yourself out. We usually look through all the options and pick one or two we are not willing to miss and let everything else sort of work itself out.


What have you always wanted to do that you put off because you couldn't afford it? Do that.


Take everyone on out for s nice dinner and drinks?

jab60 Level 6 June 17, 2018

That's a good one lol


Awesome. Enjoy your accomplishment. I say travel.

Yes I think so


Congratulations. Isn't it a wonderful feeling? I managed to pay mine off before retired. I think to celebrate you should choose one expense you avoided while paying off the house -- and do it now. A really expensive bottle of bubbly? An hour long massage? A cruise? You'll be amazed at how rich you feel when you don't have that house payment to make.


pop the champagne and settle in for an evening in what is truly YOUR home


Bucket list


Have a money bath!

Kidding, I'd open a nice bottle of red and have some delicious seafood to celebrate the day. Then look at travel brochures..... 🙂



With scotch


Save the money you would pay for a mortgage and when you get enough to pay cash for what you want then get it. Better then paying interest of credit.


I would sat on my back porch and have a beer hopefully with a friend, Just be happy for yourself. So what are you going to do?

Maybe a really good wine...


When I paid off my house my "celebration" consisted of me telling myself, "No more pesky checks to mail. Glad that three year ordeal is over". (While working, I lived with the folks for over a decade so I had saved a huge down payment) Then on to saving money to keep everything maintained and build a buffer for the next fiscal balloon to pop.


Any way your heart tells you...yelling, screaming, sharing, laughing....


Lol. Lots of wine


To buy my home I had to buy it outright so have no mortgage I feel your relief for you. The taxes and insurance are still there, to own your deed is an awesome feeling. Congratulations

azzow2 Level 9 June 16, 2018

Have a small party on the back porch now, then save every dime you can so when you retire you can live without a care.


Gonna be boring but practical: If you haven't already done so, take what you were paying for the mortgage and sock six months' worth of income into a Rainy Day fund. After that's done, travel, travel travel!


Nothing with fire.

Mr? Mrpkitty? K no fire

@Bigwavedave You know, so you don't end up as one of those filler news stories. Family loses house to fire while throwing a Burn the Mortgage party.


Whatever the celebratory effort is to be, let it be out of cash flow. And save for the bungee jumping and visits to family & friends.


Buy another house. ? no really enjoy the accomplishment. Congratulations.


Its a wonderful feeling: Make sure it lasts! Be warned; it is so easy when debt free and with unencumbered collateral, to borrow 'just a little bit' to get this or that. Thats what I did, and over the next twenty five years ended up owing three times the original loan. Burn that mortgage, kill the line of credit!

StJohn Level 6 June 16, 2018

Point taken. I'm financially secure ..

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