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Anyone believe that UFO sighting that's all over the news?

AaronLandes1 3 Dec 27

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Anything you see or observe in the sky that you do know what it is is a "UFO" by definition. As to being extraterrestrial, I would need a lot more evidence so my answer is NO.


I believe that every UFO sighting is a sighting of a UFO, an Unidentified Flying Object and that nobody knows what it was.

I DON'T believe it was an Alien Space Craft that visited our little backwater planet.


UFO sightings.

Are they UFOs? Well, if they are an object, and they are flying, and you don't know what they are, then by definition they are 'unidentified flying objects'.

However whether they are alien spacecraft visiting us from some distant world is another story entirely. To say 'Oh look - there is something up there that I cannot identify, it must be an alien spaceship' is as inherently absurd as saying 'Oh look - lightning has struck and destroyed a tree, it must be the wrath of Thor, god of thunder'.

So do UFOs exist? Of course they do.

Are they evidence of alien visitation? Very, VERY unlikely.


I like Neil DeGrasse Tyson's answer: "The universe brims with mysteries. Just because you don't know what it is you're looking at doesn't mean it's intelligent aliens visiting from another planet. ...Call me when you have a dinner invite from an alien."
Is it conceivable it is alien? Sure. But given what we understand of the challenges of interstellar travel, isn't it a massive leap to assume it is from aliens rather than made by unidentified humans?

I've always wondered if UFOs were simply some sort of biological entity...glowing like some of our sea creatures or fireflies. Others I think are most likely military; it's not like our POS government will ever be straight with us about what we see up there.


I saw a UFO a couple of nights ago. I walked outside and there it was, a bright red light in the sky moving toward the west, away from me. No sound was coming from it, so it wasn't a helicopter. And, it wasn't an airplane. I have no idea what it was but I am certain it wasn't a scout ship for an imminent alien invasion. As I think about it, it was likely a drone someone got for Christmas--never mind...


I am in a point in my life that if is not in front of me. It is out of mind. I used to belong to a UFO Society back in the 70's, excuse for happenings, and orgies and multi sensory explorations of many kinds okay? it was the 70's!!!! Last Great Decade as far I am Concerned. Some of those close to me claim I am starting to "check out". Simply, in my Phase 3, not only my backpack is smaller, also my baggage and my database server. I will see them when they come if they come.


That's the real thing. And if you come to the conclusion that it was a drone, well you're leaving out the evidence from the pilots that the craft had no wings, propellers, or exhaust. The most comprehensive story that is out there about this topic. []

You're going to use a conspiracy promotion site to support a conspiracy theory? That's tantamount to saying the bible told you so.

@evidentialist I would have used the NY times but they left some details out.


Only as the name implies. Unidentified. But I haven't looked into much.


A vast majority of those sightings will be attributed to classified military aircraft. However some I believe will never be explained in our lifetime. I do believe that in this vast galaxy, there are other planets with intelligent life.


Yes. Was it a weather balloon or ET?

godef Level 7 Dec 27, 2017

The latest of the SpaceX satellite rocket was certainly a UFO to the viewers, so yeah, I KNOW there are UFOs. If there's something up there flying around and you don't know what it is, it qualifies.

Many defy rational explanations...there were no SpaceX rockets 50 or 1000 years ago. I'm personally waiting for more "Cliff Notes" of the released government files. Be that as it may, to say "I don't believe in UFOs" is an exercise in idiocy.

Natural phenomena? Extraterrestrial visitors? Visitors from other dimensions? Who knows. To conjecture with such a lack of information is fun, to say you KNOW is another exercise in idiocy.

This video is a fake but it describes one of my pet UFO theories. Be that as it may, it delivers a powerful message to those of our time.

Alien Interview Part 1 | Secrets of Universe Revealed | Project Blue Book


I believe that it’s all over the news.


That SpaceX rocket, right? I believe it is now relegated to a FO...hey, that is kinda funny, unintentionally...haha


What UFO sighting that's all over the news where?

Are you referring to the released video from the DoD of a sighting in 2012 by two Navy pilots? If you are, the real video shows just a nondescript light. The one with the little alien looking saucer thingy in it is doctored footage of something else. Let me know if you're talking about something else.


Like Fox Molder... I want to believe... but I do believe there are unidentified objects that have been seen and not identified... it would be cool if there really was an E.T. inside. That appeals to the kid in me. The Adult in me knows to be skeptical and wait for any proof before sinking into some fantasy game with it. I have actually thought there may be some interdimensional explanation as well. I guess I watch too much science fiction.


If aliens are going to take over our planet they're probably going to have a lot more technology than to just spy on us and leave. Isn't that what a computer would do?


I had it right. If aliens are going to take over our planet they're probably going to have a lot more technology then to just spy on us and leave.


Would that be on US news?


NO....its a way to scare the north Koreans that we have new weapons and friends from outer space.


Need to see solid proof. Haven't seen it yet.


I didn't see it. I don't watch the news.


This is the beginning of the governments disclosure about UFOs, new technologies and ETs. But, the real deep black projects and operations are not in the control of the military or the government. Unacknowledged Secret Access Programs are completely illegal, extra-Constitutional beyond Top Secret quasi military operations conducted with private companies and military contractors.

The release of information will be gradual at first but will accelerate as a fear and then a threat is perceived or created and our military industrial complex and the kleptocrats make trillions while we lose our rights and control.


no, if you mean aliens

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