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So who is watching the football?

By 1ditrana5
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COLUMBIA si !, im watching the games on GREEK TV....... no color comentary since 'its GREEK TO ME'... een some great games and actually am getting to understand it more

Devilduck7 Level 4 June 27, 2018

As a(n ex-) Brit, I know I'm supposed to be watching, but footer's always seemed such a waste of ninety minutes (plus overtime). Instead, I'm drinking lotsa extra cupsa tea to keep my standing as a Son Of Drake in good order. Cheers!

moNOtheist Level 7 June 20, 2018

I am and gotta say, today was a glorious day !!!!

IamNobody Level 8 June 17, 2018

You mean the World Diving Championships? smile009.gif

Ozman Level 7 June 17, 2018

My best to all who enjoy it. I have too many other interests going on to watch sports. Other than weight training I was never involved.

DenoPenno Level 8 June 17, 2018

One of my daughters and her Mexican boyfriend watched the game. They were ecstatic that Mexico won ! She played lots of soccer as youth so understands and appreciates the game.

Ohub Level 7 June 17, 2018

There is a long history of "growing pains" between Mexico and Germany. I am talking about 50 years or more of pain and suffering. Today was the equivalent of Payton Manning finally beating New England in Foxborough.... That big


I've never gotten into spectator sports, especially team sports. On the other hand, I was never very good at playing sports, either, so maybe there's a correlation. ?

resserts Level 8 June 17, 2018

Who isn’t watching the football?


I can't watch because I don't have cable, and my gym wasn't showing games today. ESPN and some local Fox sports channel were both covering golf...bleh!!! I'm keeping up with the results online though. Germany lost their first game :'(

joeymf86 Level 7 June 17, 2018

I'm doing everything I can to avoid watching the football. Luckily there are plenty of proper sports to watch like rugby, tennis, golf, equestrian, cricket etc.

Grumpy Level 5 June 17, 2018

As an American it hugely amuses me you call it "the football" and I don't mean that in a condescending way. I love how our common language split so uncommonly. The other part of it is I'm not a sports fan so I almost never voluntarily watch sports. The last time I did watch sports was at my nail salon, seems the Thai and Vietnamese gals that work there are fans of soccer. That was all that was on TV.


Here and there, yes smile001.gif

Michael_D Level 5 June 17, 2018

Sorry, but yesterday I watched soccer Argentina vs. Island and today Mexico vs Germany.

DUCHESSA Level 8 June 17, 2018

Argentina was surprised and Germany was shocked

@IamNobody Argentina knows Iceland is a strong team...Germany, OTOH, deserves to lose...the country's arrogance needs to be placed on the correct place.

@DUCHESSA Iceland played their very first game ever against a big test and they executed their best strategy to perfection and did pay off. As far Germany, sorry but your comment (seems to me) leans more towards politics. The history between Mexico and Germany (soccer, only soccer) is a long road... Yesterday's victory was long overdue and well fought and won. Arrogance has nothing to do with that particular game. My thoughts, I understand you didn't ask for any of this.

@IamNobody Na. I recognize Iceland work...but my opinion on Germany is not political but based on the attitude of the German people wherever you encounter them.

@IamNobody Mexico wining over Germany was not a matter of a "victory long overdue but with the fact the TRI played better than the Germans

@DUCHESSA they played the same in Mexico 1986, FIFA denied them by nullifying a legit goal in the last minute of the game. Mexico played better than Germany in France 1998 were they had them at their mercy for 88 minutes.. those last two minutes were fatal for Mexico..... Trust me, it is long overdue

@IamNobody Trust has noting woth "long overdue" BUT WITH WHICH TEAM PLAYS BETTER...THIS TIME WAS MEXICO'S TURN....BUT NOT BY TOO MUCH.

@DUCHESSA if whoever talks louder takes it all then you win !!! ⚽⚽⚽⚽

@IamNobody Sorry for the caps; my keyboard is nuts....but one thing is for sure... Mexico played better.


I don’t really have a team I’m rooting for. I’ve watched a couple but it just seem the same without the yanks in it.

Prescott Level 5 June 17, 2018

I was smile001.gif

ipdg77 Level 8 June 17, 2018

I love football especially the world cup ,who else is watching ?

1ditrana Level 5 June 17, 2018

I am, I have and I will.... ⚽?

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