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Call me an asshole, but I am blocking any and all Trump supporters on here. I live in TN and I live the struggle right outside my door and on Facebook. I have finally found a place ( where my blood pressure need not shoot up into the stroke zone. I refer to it as a move toward self-preservation. Rather than call me a libtard or attempt to change my seared in granite viewpoint, just go ahead and block me, too. Besides...those people are all ARMED. Thank you and good luck.

SheBeSecular 6 June 24

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I block them, too. I do not and will not tolerate anyone who thinks, or even thought, the POSOTUS was/is a good idea.

Like your POSOTUS acronym, LimeySteve. Will be sharing it forward!


sounds fine to me. SOunds like you come here and want a pleasurable experience. I finally changed my profile and made my position clear. I don't look for them but if someone wants to argue with me or others about that position I block

btroje Level 9 June 24, 2018

I'm a hair's breadth away from doing the same. Anyone who still supports the Orange Shitgibbon after all this is not worth even listening to.

Absolutely agree.
The moment I see him open his mouth, he gets the bird. Then I flip the channel or turn it off. I never loathed anyone more...


"If you are a Trump supporter, hit the back button NOW," I wrote in my profile.

I support you.


A week ago there was someone on here with a big list of all the good that Trump has done.

I read the list. Noticed out of the list of 40 things, 3 of them might have a little bit of truth to them (only a little) but the rest were complete and utter bullshit.

I started pulling up sources and compiling them to debunk the idiot, then stopped. Closed the reply window. And went on with my life.

The cool thing about this place is I don't need to point out the obvious, here. The vast majority of us know that Trump is an evil peice of shit. We know it's not just the Executive branch that is the problem. We know that lobbyists and gerrymandering are killing the remnants of our hard-fought freedoms.

We know what history will say about these four years. It's our job to grit our teeth and bear it.

SirJet Level 5 June 24, 2018

LOL!!!!! I've done that also, I use to debunk but except on the rare occasion I move on. The one thing I did do b4 delete was hit I'd save my factual rant to a file so JUST in case I need the facts they're at my finger tips.


Any body that start let me tell you about my lord and trump is the greatest get blocked so fast and i follow and like most every one


I always block Trump supporters here. And on Facebook, if any of them identify themselves..even close relatives and cousins.

Here on this website I also block ALL people who are rude, crude, or lewd, to either me or other women. I would never want to date or interact with such people anyway.

By the way, some people here can be just as aggressively rude as any alt-right Facebook troll, if someone posts something with which they don't agree.


Not at all. I hear you loud and clear. Anyone who hasn't/can't see this administration for what it is isn't worth the time.


Have you thought of moving? I live in a trump supporting area of WA State, at least it's not humid. But the wildfires have been bad.

There are some conservative agnostic groups within this site - I would not go there, it's scary.

Trump pinata group has lots for fun stuff to lighten up the day.

Can't. I am starting college here.

@SheBeSecular This my standard reply the minute someone calls me a name I state, 'Name calling adds nothing, unless you can add something intelligent and on topic to the conversation please keep your fucking piehole shut.' they do

@silverotter11 Hey, I lived in Jersey, too!

@SheBeSecular Standard question - north or south jersey? Seriously for so small a state the divisions within are huge!! I grew up near Burlington City on the Delaware. I have an identical twin - she's a trumpette AND a bible thumper - she live in PA in Bucks county. A county even whiter than the one I live in in eastern WA.
My mother's approach to child rearing was divide and conquer and I think that explains EVERYthing.

@silverotter11 Actually, Franklin Lakes. Later lived in Ft. Lee when I worked in NYC.

@SheBeSecular Ever wonder around in the Jersy Pine Barrons? real creepy late at night. lol ew perfect place for trump!!!

@silverotter11 Hahaha! Expecting Joe Pesci to be out there with a shovel...and some lime.

@SheBeSecular good one!!!


No you re not an asshole. You would be the opposite, if there is such a word for it. Call it brilliant!!


Whew....I feel for you. You're in the center of the idiocy. I lived in the south for years, so I get it.


As a former Rat Terrier owner (she passed away in January) we were in Tennessee and Kentucky several times for jamborees and get-togethers. and I loved everything and everyone there, right down to the black and tan coon hounds and the Dinner Bell Diner in Sweetwater. Too bad about the politics. Just for the record, my 3rd grade class in 1966 was sister class to an Appalachian 3rd grade class. This was the middle of the war on poverty. Basically, we sent them our hand me down clothes and food packages. And now they import the taxes my state exports AND tell ME what's right and what's wrong.

I had a rat terrier...fantastic little girl.


I do too.


please block them. they are awful.


I'm sorry for your plight, and I don't blame you at all.

JimG Level 8 June 25, 2018

I block them also.I didn't block at first, but those were the first people l did block. Now l block for a couple of other reasons too. I have been blocked by maybe 10 people. I'm not really sure. ☺


I'm very Ok with what you are doing.


Yes, it makes me want to run and hide sometimes. I have to keep reminding myself ... I have two ARMs!


I love it Donny is such a major douche bag , he would have to stand on his mothers back just to kiss Obamas ass !!!

Riki64 Level 5 June 26, 2018

I'm sorry to hear. I lived in Jackson for 3 years. You were likely to get a burning cross on your lawn if you didn't believe. The Blue Laws were insane. I could buy a Playboy, but not notebook paper. Men and women swam at different times in the public pools and there had to be an hour between the women followed by man combination. Just weird.

xyz123 Level 7 June 25, 2018

Luke 23:34 But Jesus was saying, “Forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.”
​Somehow this seems appropriate....

No. I will not forgive them. Ignorance is not an excuse.

Are you a Trumpite, Nicknotes? You didn't write a profile or answer the profile questions, so you could be anyone.

Yanno, a lot of Zimmerman lovers in Florida...

Yes...IMO he engineered that encounter with Trayvon because he wanted to use the gun he loved more than human life. @SheBeSecular

I'm a Bernie Sanders Democrat. @birdingnut

Of course it your way. @LimeySteve

@nicknotes Might want to write a profile and answer the profile questions, as requested by the website for new members. You were quoting the Bible as though you believed it to be valid almost as if you thought people should roll over accept the orange Nazi.

Don't worry I'm a true Blue Democrat Atheist Vegan. @birdingnut

@nicknotes Like I said, please write a profile and answer the profile questions. I see from comments from other women here that some women block men who don't have profiles. I often do also. Women have safety concerns that men seldom think about.

@nicknotes I always do.

@birdingnut I was referring to working class Republicans who vote against their own best interests...Forgive them because they don't know what they are doing. I was being "cute" by using the analogy of Jesus' countrymen demanding the death of Jesus.

@LimeySteve I can forgive them BUT never trust them again. The only way is to watch the actions - a persons actions will always tell you the truth.
I will continue to try and educate the ignorant, ya figure out pretty fast whether they want the truth or choose to be stupid.

@silverotter11 Most of them choose ignorance.

@LimeySteve I can be annoyingly pedantic, ignorance is a correctable position by getting educated. If you choose to not get educated and relieve the ignorance YOU BE STUPID. LOL The comedian Ron White made it clear, 'Ya can't fix stupid'.

@silverotter11 But you CAN silence it with liberal applications of duct tape.

@LimeySteve I have been threatened with that. LOL

Please don't block me. I hope we can share our words of wisdom. @birdingnut

@nicknotes I usually block people who don't have profiles, but I'll wait a bit.

You're a sweetheart. @birdingnut

@nicknotes We won't block you. You seem a right nice fellow, to me.

Thank you.....@SheBeSecular


Sounds like a perfectly normal thing to do.


I am also a TN girl. I lived in Memphis till 9/16 when I moved to the Nashville area. Memphis was pretty blue. Nashville is red all over!

LouLou Level 4 June 28, 2018

Yep. Where I currently reside is SCARLET.


you may find other reasons to block me, but never that one! i can't stand him or the whole republican party.



Hey, ya gotta do what you gotta do.

I do often wonder if America will ever be unified ...or if it's even possible ?

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