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Why would anyone want to date you?
What can you offer to entice a possible relationship?
Go ahead...make your case...tell the world what makes you a "good catch."

nicknotes 8 June 26

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Because I'm not squeamish and can help hide a body.

now that was unexpected!!!

You never know when that might come in handy...


Here are some stats;

  1. STD FREE Tested 22 May 2018. Full course came back negative.
  2. I'm great with kids.
  3. I'm very handy around the house and I like to do things for the women I love. Its how I show I care. You mention the processor is leaking, and while your away for work and I'm house sitting, I will fix it and anything else you've complained to me about while you're gone. (actual example)
  4. I listen during an argument. I'm no pushover, but even when my partners have yelled at me, I still calmly discuss the issue at hand. (Some times this has made it worse. lol More than one woman has told me that sometimes she "wishes I would just get mad".)
  5. I've never cheated.
  6. I love to play games and have fun.
  7. I don't abuse alcohol or any other substance.
  8. I home brew.
  9. I cook healthy meals.
  10. I garden.
  11. I don't need you around 24/7. Sometimes I like to be alone and being around anyone too much is tiring. So you need not feel bad about a girls night out.
  12. I'm not jealous. If I don't trust you I would not be with you.
  13. I tell the truth even when its hard to tell.
  14. I'm willing to compromise about things. I'm old enough and mature enough to know that for a relationship to work I can't have everything my way.
  15. I've traveled and I know how to get round without booking a cruse.

Well that about sums it up I guess.

I've had women get mad at me as well for not losing my temper and yelling at them. I just don't understand that. I'd rather have a conversation and actually resolve the conflict.

Well hello!

An excellent resume.

@nicknotes Thanks!

@Blindbird Hello.


I am loyal, faithful. Love those around me. I pee where I want and crave attention.hump anyone near me. oh shit. I’m a dog?

jab60 Level 6 June 26, 2018

You are in luck...most women love dogs.


No one would. I'm a pain in the arse.

I happen to agree... wink!


Ha ha! I'm glad you're honest.

I get in the USA we say "ass."


I don't know why.
I have no case.

It is your right to pass up an opportunity to advertise.

@nicknotes l have nothing to advertise. I could lie, but that would not be right. ☺

@Sticks48, you could say you're honest! Lol.

@Mea That and $5 will get me a cup of coffee. ☺

At least you got your screen name in print. @Sticks48


Men recently described me as, "highly intelligent, extremely fit, gorgeous, sexy and hilarious... with the body of an 18-year-old."

Make your full-body tattoo of a young person glow-in-the-dark. Then turn out the lights.

Are you referring to the photo where my sunglass swung around, cupping my breast?

My main photo.

I just exploded with laughter! LOVE your sense of humor.


I assume that the hiking has kept you fit and youthful.

@nicknotes , Thanks. In addition to hiking, I run and lift weights. In the winter we keep going on microspikes and snowshoes.

When I was 27, my 24-year-old sister got skin cancer. That was the last year I had a tan. Since then, I have worn a Solumbra hat while hiking and gardening. Also use sunscreen on my face and neck year-round.

And a healthy diet. I eat fresh vegetable and fruit. Lean meats. Homemade, whole grain breads that I make. Never drank soda pop or smoked. Don't eat hamburgers, fast food, deep fried food, donuts, pizza, preserved meats or other junk that Americans love.

Yes you look like a teenager. @LiterateHiker

A healthy diet will go a long way in keeping a body youthful. @LiterateHiker

I'm a vegan. I am very careful with my diet and I exercise everyday. Once I realized there is no Heaven I figured I should try and make the best of this lifetime and stay healthy to enjoy it. @LiterateHiker

And that bouncing coin thing


I'm smart, kind, funny (at least in my head), I have a lot of creative ideas when it comes to sexy times and I get good reviews, I have an awesome partner in life (and crime) who likes to play too, I have a lot of great stories to tell because I've done a lot of interesting things, also:

ejbman Level 7 June 26, 2018

Love it!

Music and dance... women will love it.

You get mad crazy amount of points for a Love and Rockets song!!!!


I taste good and don't smell bad either.

Which part of you tastes the best to you?

@BlueWave I am not allowed to divulge that in public.

@nvrnuff Ok. I'm going to guess your elbow! Or your knees! Yeah, the knees. Always good for a tasty meal, right? 🙂

@BlueWave Oh, absolutely.

Very appetizing...


I'm very creative, being an artist, I doubt if you will ever get bored with me. I love to cook vegetarian. My mom always said the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I think that was before so many restaurants. I love to travel and take pictures. I'm fun. I enjoy a good glass of wine and even a bad one at times. I love wineries and wine tasting. I don't dance well but love music, especially blues. I'm honest and loving. And most important of all, at least here, is I won't drag you to church, quote the bible, or make you feel guilty.

You got me with the comment about church and the Bible...

@nicknotes Absolutely. Read what you like. Inform yourself about the world. But don't expect me to change my mind about religion. I used to be on a dating website where I explicitly said in my profile, don't try to evangelize me but of course I had Baptists from all over Houston inviting me to church. I guess they thought it was a challenge instead of a warning.

Christians think that if they can convince you to accept the Jesus story it reinforces their own beliefs because they all are plagued by doubt. @confidentrealm

@nicknotes Or they are scoring points in heaven

They score fake points in imaginary Heaven while we score points on and rise up to a greater level. @confidentrealm

@nicknotes I don't understand the level thing nor do I care. I just like the people on the site and these conversations.

That's what it is all about. Have fun..make friends. Can I offer a suggestion? I think you might want to consider getting a better avatar photo. I think a photo that shows more of your face would be better. @confidentrealm

@nicknotes I'll see what I got. I'm not a big fan of selfies

You are an art lover. I have confidence in you that you will find the photo that maximizes color and form and makes you look gorgeous. @confidentrealm

@nicknotes notice the recent selfie. I'm an artist. I find beauty in my surrounding, not in the mirror. I'm more attracted to the person inside than the superficial.

It's a beautiful look good.@confidentrealm


I can’t think of anything. I’m going to take a nap.

Hermit Level 7 June 26, 2018

Good night...


I'm not good for some, and very good for others. Those "others" are drawn in - no need to catch.


I’m intelligent, hardworking, irascible, stable, well educated, empathetic and interested in a long term relationship.

Very good...I hope you are successful.

Me too.


I'm kind, considerate, caring, compassionate. I love freely and with abandon. I cook. I'm a good singer. I'm good in bed.

All of these things, I have been told. Of course, I believe them. 🙂

Terrific assessment...


I spent the majority of my life believing I had little if anything to offer. The older I got the more entrenched that belief became. Fortunately that perspective has changed the last couple years.

I now know I have many things to offer. I'm intelligent, open minded, and possessing a quick, razor sharp wit. I delight in making people smile.

I'm compassionate and full of empathy for others, even if I disagree with someone I can see their point of view. (Though that doesn't mean I condone or support the more reprehensible views.)

I'm supportive and caring. I try to lift other people up as much as I can. Doubly so for a significant other.

I'm honest. If there's a problem I'll tell you, and I expect the same from you. Problems can't be fixed if they're not addressed.

I'm fairly self aware. I know my strengths, but I also know my shortcomings. I know I'm far from perfect. I strive to do better, but I also try not to wallow in my mistakes.

I'm humble. It may seem counterintuitive compared to what I've written so far but keep in mind that I'm simply answering the question as posted. I don't take much pride in these traits. The are what they are.

You've written a very comprehensive view of yourself. You appear to be a good guy. I hope you will be successful in finding your match.

@nicknotes thank you sir! That's kind of you to say.


I'm not making my case here, and I'm not 'a great catch', because if a woman thinks that she has to "catch" me, she's not my type anyway. I don't participate in co-dependent relationships, only interdependent ones.

So back to your questions. Some of the positive feedback women have given me was about my honesty, my openness, my transparency, my empathy, my humour, and my energy. But i also have many peccadilloes, which i warned them about. But some ignored these and ultimately labeled me as high maintenance; specifically because i am sometimes too independent, too honest, too open, with sometimes too much energy.

So if you're going to describe your pluses, you better also describe your potential deficits to save you both time and pain. Hope springs eternal so it may not make a difference, but the reality is that avoidance never works indefinitely without having a price to pay.

A very thorough assessment of your Pluses and minuses.


In who's eyes

Qiru Level 6 June 26, 2018

Who knows???


I'm married, a great cook and scientific (!?).................. Ok 2,.................... nah 1 out of three ain't bad?

Lukian Level 8 June 26, 2018

The odds are in your favor...


I’m certainly not boring....

I'm confident you are not boring.

@nicknotes lol ?

LOL LOL LOL @SkotlandSkye


Not a damn thing.

OK have it your way....

You stole my answer

You picked an awfully strange place to make such a patently untrue statement. "A site full of sceptics and non believers will surely buy this!"

@JeremyTaylor nah. I think I don't offer much as a partner.

@Blindbird your clearly intelligent, humble, and possessing a wicked sense of humor. Don't underestimate the value of such things.

@JeremyTaylor thanks

@Blindbird Anytime.


I don't really have a solid case but I like to think I'm pretty honest and funny and I value communication as one of the most important elements of a relationship. I'm also rather open minded and like trying new things that a potential partner enjoys because it's nice when people take an interest in what you're interested in. I also love intelligent conversation.

I see from your profile that you are open to many varieties of people. All your options are open. Great....


I don't need to make a case for anyone to date me. I like who I am, and anybody whom I happen to like romantically that wishes to come along for the ride is welcome.

Let it all hang out...what will be will be...


Well, the fact that I've been single for years suggests that... the 'don't' want to date me. 😉

Maybe you have been fishing in a pond with inedible fish. But maybe the fishing is more productive here on


I don't have smallpox

That would be important for most of us.


Widower,of a 27 years long marriage,well broken in,does laundry,dishes, and cleaning,meals ready when you arrive home from work,seldom raises voice in anger,no smoker,no drug user,likes wine,no hard liquor. In all the years together,no domestic disputes,just minor disagreements.

Domesticated...very good trait.


Nobody does, period. End of sentence. Mic drop, etc etc

I see you are "nobody" ????????

@nicknotes picked on that..... Someone is paying attention ????

Actually everybody is a somebody....@IamNobody

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