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Time is an illusion… Lunchtime doubly so!
~ Ford Prefect

Benthoven 8 June 26

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Yup, LOL!


I would agree because time passes differently for different animals, plus with the whole thing about time warping I question how celestial bodies in the universe would perceive time if they had such a thing like we do?

Adam7 Level 4 June 27, 2018

I hope you have your towel.

And beer.


Time is an illusion. Theists say god created time so he would be able to tell you how, why, and when he created everything. It also helped Mose to write things down better. OK, what I wanna know is if that is true why do we have so many different time zones?


Douglas Adams was the best.?

LB67 Level 7 June 26, 2018

Would not drive a ford unless it looked this good.

azzow2 Level 9 June 26, 2018

Depends on where you work.

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