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Unfun moment of the day. walking in the dark. tripped off what would be an inconsequential ledge in daylight. fell with my full weight plus momentum on the bone in my palm that connects to my little finger on a small rock r. I think it is just a bad bone bruise but it might be broken. owee. sniff

btroje 9 July 1

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Considering it's your hand, I think x-rays are called for here. Just saying. Hope it's nothing, but...

Meanwhile, holding a cold bottle of some beverage might be helpful. Easier than an ice pack.

definitely not an ER event, I will chew some aspirin. I can press on the back side of my hand pretty firmly and there is no crunching 🙂 If I went to the ER it would probably be 4 am until I got seen and then the image would be inconclusive

@btroje OK...(taking off her ''MOM" hat...) it's up to you, Dear. Hope you're well soon!

@LucyLoohoo a little sore today but definitely fine

@btroje Still mending?

@LucyLoohoo thanks for asking. The next day almost nothing and now I had forgotten about it. SO strange it hurt so much when it happened to disappear so fast


Ouch. Ice to prevent swelling, and heat to help healing. Bone bruise hurts!


Geeze... I'm so sorry...?

thanks Bob


Oh no. Hope it heals quickly


oh no. pinky knuckle trauma. hope it don't interfere with your sammich holding. sorry.

left hand. sore this morning but i think it will be ok. i will have to give it the sammich test though


? Oh no! Update what happened. Get the ice until you find out.


Ouch, sorry! Ice that baby. Xoxo. Hope you feel better fast!


Go get it set..just sayin..broken bones are painful..been there, more than a few times..if it still hurts in the morning, please see a doctor..


Oh jeez. That sort of thing could happen to anyone. Get better soon!



I know you keep up with new contraptions. They make flashlights now for when the moon's not working.

that s a bit new fangled for me

@btroje Be careful out there; it's a wild world.


I hope it isn't serious.

its gonna be can hardly see a thing so its going to be hard to milk this for much more than this post!🙂

@btroje I'm kind of starting to develop a fear of falling. Well, maybe not fear, but an awareness that falling has the potential for much more serious consequences than it used to.

@Hermit its funny because I fall a lot and usually have no harm because I roll with it. this time I stuck out my hand


Let us know if it's serious otherwise take care.


Damn, Hope you will be ok.


oh, the pain. wishing you a swift recovery.


I'm so sorry you hurt yourself.

Please always use a flashlight in the dark.



Sounds like you need to invest in some night vision goggles. I never go out without my bow never know what is leaking around. Hope your hand is ok. Ice on ice off.

i was in the animal pens,my dogs would be going nuts if there was anything besides the alpacas out there

@btroje Something killed one of my geese last night not sure what it could be and did not catch it on video. Did ordered a bigger conibear something keeps spring the traps and not catching.


Sadly we don't bounce as good as we used to. Hope you're feeling better.

it was better in the morning




Ouch... be well


If it's swollen big time then chances are might be broken.... You don't want to mess with that. If it just hurts like hell but not swollen like crazy then you may get away with it...yiu still going to have to ride the pain... Sorry my friend, I hope you will be fine soon

its barely noticeable today. I am sticking with bone bruise and going back to shearing

@btroje that'll work ???? glad to hear you're ok

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