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Some of the 4th of July events that I will be avoiding this year:

The Vegan Picnic with Stevie Nicks
The Paul Revere Charity 5K Run (requiring the wearing of a powdered wig)
Any Revolutionary War field hospital re-enactments
The annual 4th of July parade of soccer moms wearing visors and capri pants
And (most importantly) I will be avoiding the end of the evening firework toss.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July celebration wherever you are and whatever you do today my friends! (And for my friends outside of the United States... just carry on as usual and ignore us.)

Duke 8 July 4

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Every year, on the 4th, I go into Starbucks, order a cup of tea, and then go on an hours-long rant about having to taxes on said tea 😉

No, I don't really go to Starbucks. But as it is after midday on the 5th, and I am posting here about it, the hours-long rant part is true 😉

Ozman Level 7 July 5, 2018

Vegan Picnic? aw hell naw....


Powdered wigs....deep fried & sprinkled with cinnamon and that sugar....aaaahhhh, memories.


I don't think a situation exists where I would avoid Stevie Nicks

Ditto ?


I was doing fine all day, got so much accomplished.
Now, I'm trying to soothe dogs who are freaking out because of the neighbors'
fireworks. I've got the tv turned up loud to help cover the noise outside.
I wish it would rain on all those assholes.
Sometimes, I really hate living in the South.


I couldn't avoid the 4th of July parade (It was happening outside my work place) and the firework toss is just one block away, so no avoiding that one either. I don't know about the Vegan picnic might have been kinda interesting. Barbecued tofu anyone? 😕

Firework Toss?!

@RavenCT For me firework toss conjures up visions of unsupervised youths and not so savvy adults tossing fireworks in any direction that takes their fancy. That actually happens outside my door each 4 July. It's wonderful....😕


Now I have to go find the lawn chair drill team I saw on FB....


So you are being a conscious objector to the otherwise revolting events.


I try to avoid vegan anything.


Thank you Mr Duke! you as well!

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