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Spotting Fake News Stories- Perhaps We Can Use This as a Guide? What Do You Think?

sassygirl3869 9 July 7

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Or just assume the opposite of everything you hear on the news.

0 has been a good fact checker.
I confess if something is too juicy to be true, I’ll still repost it!
Like a fb post of ‘atheist’ trump saying he had an edge over evangelicals in business dealings cuz they would believe anything! Priceless!!!


I always check the source. Most of my news comes from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.


Pretty good advice overall. I would question the .com thing because that means they are commercial for profit most of the time and most of the time they use opinion articles as "news". I use them as reference to things but I don't trust hardly any news source. MSNBC has become worse than FOX now days and CNN is right up there with them. I use .edu and .gov sites mostly for factual sources on things. If a place has opinion articles all over then they are propoganda in my eyes. Don't need an opinion, just the facts. Opinion news is used to not cover stories that certain powers that be want to silence and minimize. Opinion news is what makes the uninformed echo chambers that most people stay in now days and needs to be stopped. News needs to only give facts and I should never be able to tell what political party a news anchor is part of by watching the news or reading the articles.

jorj Level 8 July 7, 2018

Oh those are all fake news. How do I know? Why Trump told me. He gets all his news from the internet. He said.."What do I know? I only know what I read on the internet." So there!


Any news person or journalist will tell you if they make a mistake. No apologies, not a real journalist. Also the title can mean nothing, check out stuff. I consider it to be false until I see it in several, more than three reputable places, do not trust the right and do not trust the left. Though I find the left to correct way more often than any right leaning source.


I like to check multiple news sources world wide also. thanks


Some good suggestions... At this point I am wary even about suggestions to find legitimate news sources.


Good advice and one that I do follow.


Yes and no. NPR is an org. Some news agencies use the country domains like . Uk
Another good image search is
for the most part it's is a different version,


So NPR and BBC are 'spoofs'?


I'm suspicious of anything that says FOX"News".

I am NOT suspicious at all as I KNOW FAUX News is just that ..FAUX News and pure propaganda (as are most "news" outlets).

@jlynn37 When looking for a tell on fake news, that's a tell.


Good to know


Most of what I see that is fake has to do with matters of science. If there is no citation then it is probably made up. Kent Hovind is a master at this deception. There are many others as well. Always always always get straight to the source. The peer review is that source for me.


Good information, we should all be conscientious about only forwarding factual stories.

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