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Statistically, you're more likely to be killed by a cow than a shark yet, the Discovery Channel still doesn't have "Cow Week".

Duke 8 July 7

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As always, excellent point! Having a fun morning, aincha?!


I have naught to do with cows, I’ve beat the odds. A bovine quadruped on a bicycle is utterly ridiculous.

better than hoofing it I guess.


When is the Cownado film franchise starting? It’ll make a fortune.

LB67 Level 7 July 8, 2018

Yeah well... the statistics might be different depending on where one lives. Shark attacks often make the nightly news in Hawaii, but I don't recall hearing any "death by cow" stories lately.

Guess if statistics are true, even here, the shark stories are far more thrilling to hear about and usually have a happy ending. Shark attack victims usually survive, minus a limb, but alive.

Not sure if there any shark songs, but I always laugh when I hear Dana Lyon's song "Cows with Guns" haha!


Why do I envision "Crush Injuries"? You can't make me Google that!

You know at 4 am I'll Google that right?

@Duke Well played Duke - well played!


When do barbers get a week for almost maiming?


They're just not good swimmers.

About 90 head of bison floated down the Hanalei River and swam to shore from Hanalei Bay after our April Flood on Kauai. Photos and videos of cowboys wrangling them in the ocean and on the beach are hilarious. Sad, that some did drown though, so yeah, not real good swimmers. Totally unexpected phenomenon.

@Julie808 thank you for the lovely, and Totally unique pic!


But it should.

This is just bovine repression ... and we all know it.


Unless you don't live by cows and surf or spear fish near sharks.

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