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Star Trek vs. Star Wars

I’m just curious to see which series people on here like better so I made a poll since I’m bored.

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pan_heathen97 7 July 7

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They are both very good is hard to say one or the other. So live long and prosper and may the force be with you.

I'm with you, love them both.


because its a scientific fact.

Star Trek forever!



skado Level 8 July 8, 2018

Star Wars is fun, but Trek for sure. Couldn't really get into the Enterprise series but have really liked all the others, especially the new movie reboot with Chris Pine, Zach Quinto, etc. The fact I have an unabashed celebrity gay crush on Chris Pine just adds another fun dimension. ?

@Stacey48 yes. However, for sure The funniest character as played in the new movies is Scotty. I love his attitude.


How can you not love Star Trek Wars?


I like both and you should have that as a voting option.


Stargate beats both.


I was a Trekkie before Star Wars even existed!


No...please don't make me choose!


Star Trek. Less "epic" and certainly doesn't follow the pattern of the "Hero's Journey" in the way that Star Wars does, but it is more clearly sci-fi (rather than fantasy in a sci-fi-esque setting, as others have noted). But mostly I prefer it for the philosophical thought provocations that started with The Next Generation and continued in DS9 and Voyager.

In Star Wars, the only philosophical issues are "good vs. evil", whether or not the Jedi Order is actually a force for "balance" or for "good" (I would argue that in destroying the Jedi Order and the temple, young Darth Vader restored balance by reducing the "light" side's abundant numbers to be much closer to those of the Sith), and the question of whether or not the Jedi celebacy was a good philosophical and dogmatic position for them to have (I would argue it was not).

In Star Trek, on the other hand, philosophical questions dive deep into issues of ethics, morality, principles (and how absolutist they should or should not be), social orders, social justice, sexuality and sexual orientation, gender identity, and the philosophical areas of Personal Identity (what is the "self"?) and Theory of Mind (what is the "mind", where is it located, and how does it interact with the body and the wider environment, etc.?), just to name some of the sorts of philosophical topics that Star Trek touched on. I also like the way that Star Trek rarely made a definitive statement about such philosophical questions, especially on more controversial subjects, but instead explored the various takes on the subjects and left the viewer to pursue further thought on their own.

None of which is by way of saying that I don't like Star Wars, because I certainly do like that universe and (so far) 5 of the movies that have been made about it, but Star Trek is superior for my personal tastes.


I feel Star Trek gave us some hope. The science, the medicine, the concept of not trying to oppress every being we contacted. I liked that when you walked the bridge of the enterprise, it was like my neighborhood growing up. Accents from everywhere working together. Also.... even an ugly alien had a shot at getting laid by the Captain.


Star wars is all about omnipotent determinist spiritualism that would be religion then wouldn't it! Whereas stark trek is all (usually) about human moral dilemas based on free will. So how anybody in this group can honestly choose Star Wars is beyond me 🙂


What about you Stacey?


Oh sorry..long thread..must be on next page..

Sorry i thought these threads were about stimulating disscussion.


I love both


Trek....The second set of Star Wars Movies (episodes 1, 2, and 3) were terrible movies.


I have always liked both in their own way. I stand with George!


Trek all the way! Prime directive beats space spaghetti-western.

Yesssss, but not sure about beaming up, but hey still beats midichlorians


Trek has a deeper inventory. And cool captains.


I prefer Star Trek. I see it as more science fiction, than the space fantasy of Star Wars. Plus, the religious tone of Star Wars is annoying. I do enjoy the varied aliens of Star Wars, and it's provided some wonderful characters and iconic lines, but I prefer the science and sociology of Star Trek.


You could sit down and watch all starwars content in less than a few days, it would take several weeks to binge watch though all of star trek. People may say quality over quantity but imo TNG deep space 9 and voyager by themselves are a better watch than anything star wars ive seen.

Tejas Level 6 July 8, 2018

I'm enjoying the new movies in the Star Trek series.
I like the casting.
I'm also a huge fan of Chris Pine and Karl Urban.

That said, I saw "A New Hope" when I was 15. I've been hooked ever since.
I do NOT hate Jar-Jar Binks, and I say "okeyday" all the fucking time.


Movies--Star Wars

I really only got into the first three TV series, though. Once it left Deep Space Nine I lost interest.

Neither one holds a candle to Flrefly, though. I'm still gutted that series got canceled.


You gotta try Stargate SG1. Ran for 8 or 9 seasons? Great mix of hard core science and shit's n'giggles.

I think I saw the outtake on YouTube of Sam chastising the shit out of Jack for not getting something working. You're McGiver, friggin McGiver, do you need a rubber band and a stick of gum to fix this? Haha she just went on and on at him. Cracked me up.

@Anonbene Yeah I remember that one. Was a hoot. They got away with a lot of subtle quirks on camera. Wish I could remember a few. I'm rewatching Revolution so my brain is too immersed. pfffft


Babylon 5!

godef Level 7 July 8, 2018

'Trek' all the way...

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