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Since you all have been non believers, has it ever crossed your mind "what if im wrong"?

By Bam856
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Yes it has. The thing is me being wrong doesn't make any particular religion right. If there is a god then he is a terrible deity and deserves scorn and not praise.

JLFowler Level 6 Jan 3, 2018

If God is truly all powerful and all knowing then she will forgive me for not believing in a god who has provided no tangible evidence of her existence. She will understand, if she does not then she is not God


My journey from believer to atheist took about ten years. Once I reached the point where I no longer believed in the existence of any kind of god (especially a revealed one that involves itself in human affairs) I never asked myself that question. If there should be some sort of creator being, force, energy, with self-awareness, I have no concerns that it is anything like the petty, vengeful, all-too-human god of the Bible.

Joanne Level 7 Jan 3, 2018

Once in a blue moon, I've had that thought. It has always been fleeting. Though I believe there are no gods, if I am wrong, I have no doubt I'd pass the litmus test to get to go to wherever it is they all want to go. Personally, the place sounds pretty boring to me. smile009.gif

BlueWave Level 8 Jan 3, 2018

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. When I discuss 'heaven' with believers, I ask what exactly do they imagine it to be like. Many have never even thought about it; others have unrealistic visions. They're perturbed when I point out that in order to get to 'heaven' you pretty much have to give up anything that gives you please in this life; so, what exactly is the attraction of 'heaven'? It must be a hellaciously boring place (assuming it actually existed). The mumbling answer usually has to do with not wanting to fo to 'hell' being it's such an awful place. Therefore ... belief is based on fear of punishment and suffering. Is there a more effective method for mind control?

Yes this is me, I am morally and honest and I am sure I would get a high distinction in that test!

@zucicciu One thing I occasionally ask believers is what happens when a husband or wife dies while happily married; and then the living spouse gets married again; and eventually they are all three dead; when they all get to this "heaven" who is reunited with whom? Or do they have a heavenly threesome? It makes some believers think, and for others, they laugh nervously, admit they don't know, and change the subject quickly.


I think when an individual transitions from a believer to a non believer this may cross your mind ,like it did mine occasionally,until you completely break free of the brainwashing and have a crystal clear mind and are then capable of thinking logically.


I refuse to participate in Pascal's Wager

A lot of people do participate in Pascal's Wager. Good odds!

Do you mean debating it with believers? On that, I agree. Or do you mean refuse to participate in terms of simply having an answer to the question "Have you ever thought...."?

Both actually. It is a question that they will keep asking, maybe rephrasing, but it is always the same premise to the question and always meant to try and scare you into believing. I generally speaking will not use the same premise of pascals wager on any decision.


Not for a split second.


Early on, sure. But I would never worship such a cruel and shitty egomaniacal god. I mean, Satan sounds way cooler anyhow. If I am wrong, so be it, I will be in good company of smarter people

Blizzard Level 7 Jan 3, 2018

What if you are wrong but you pick the wrong belief system? Is not worshiping any god better or worse than worshiping the wrong one?

icolan Level 7 Jan 3, 2018

Exactly! Thank you.


Yes, and all I can say if a God appeared and asked why I didn't believe, I'd be honest and say, "You didn't give us enough evidence!"


As a youth, you’re never sure who or what to trust, and will often doubt yourself, so that shouldn’t count... As an adult, with observation and experience -- I’ve absolutely no doubt whatsoever that anything the least bit resembling any god concept I’ve ever come across is the least bit true. And after settling with my cosmic insignificance, I work to make the most of it!

Varn Level 8 Jan 3, 2018

Sir, pls watch this

@Bam85 You are welcome. I think we are friends now! smile001.gif


Sure, and then I came to my senses?


Of course...and it should! We should always be looking at the available evidence in support of or opposition to our beliefs, so they can remain those most likely to be true.

Now, I've never seen any evidence that even comes close to suggesting that gods, spirits, souls, ghosts, etc. are real, so I don't believe in them. But I'm open to evidence--real, documented, tested scientific evidence--if it comes along!


I’ll be dead so it won’t matter. And I was dead before getting here... so I’ll be a non factor

tonerone Level 3 Jan 4, 2018

If I’m wrong I believe I am living a good enough life that I could be forgiven for not believing

PNWBaker Level 3 Jan 4, 2018

Why would goodness have anything to do with it?


Not really. But if I die and suddenly find myself facing God, Allah, or hopefully Freyja I will be able to look them in the eye and take responsibility for my life. Fólkvangr sounds good by me if there is an afterlife. So it doesn't matter if I am wrong.

Druvius Level 7 Jan 3, 2018

If I were in such a similar circumstance, I'd be telling this god to go f#@k itself for being such an a$$hole.

As far as I can tell, humans are 100% to blame for their failings, I see no evidence of supernatural meddling to account for them.


If course. That is the process of belief, doubt, overwhelming doubt missed with lingering fear, to full freedom.


Sure it has crossed my mind. That is why I am Agnostic!

Unique Level 4 Jan 6, 2018

yep... but never stops to argue the point.


Only way I'd accept that I was wrong, is with overwhelming scientific proof that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there's a god.

Spinz420 Level 1 Jan 4, 2018

I don't know how many people would agree with this but the question, "What if you're wrong? is meaningless. I gave traditional theism a chance. I asked if any divine being would reveal his/her/itself to me. I have waited for an answer. I have sought and really found nothing. I am not going to chase after phantoms, if that makes any sense. If any divine being wants me to believe that s/he/it exists, then such a being ought to be perfectly capable of getting my attention and setting me straight.

Well said!! I won't believe in bigfoot till somebody shows up with a carcass.


I use to be a believer, so this definitely crosses my mind from time to time. However I also understand in those moments I may have been desperate for an answer that no one knows or that we do not have enough knowledge of. Its said that the brain is wired to assert explanations where there are incongruities. Perhaps dubbed as “God of the Gaps” theory.

If we want a rational approach, we have to use objective, tested, proven, unbiased, falsified, and, empirical evidence.

Of course it is also possible to be philisophical about this question, in which we would have to apply this question to both(or all) sides.

TerryLee Level 4 Jan 4, 2018

Yes, once. And after the 2.5 nanoseconds it lasted I was right as rain.


At one point or another it has crossed my mind, but it’s not something I’ve ever put serious thought into. I simply look around at all the “good” christians, see what assholes they can be when they think they are going to be rewarded or punished for their actions in the end, and think that if a god did exist then they should (theoretically) be a just and rational god and know that I’ve been a good person just because I want to be and not because I thought I’d be rewarded. That in and of its self is pretty selfless and should be highly looked upon by this so called god so I should be good no matter if I’m right or wrong.

H3ath3r Level 4 Jan 3, 2018
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