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Well today sure isn't going well.

My car was done in time, but I was short on the 500 I was supposed to pay so my grandma disowned me

Then I got to work and was immediately called to my supervisors office to be told I royally pissed off my coworkers with my forgetfulness because I left a soda in the freezer over night and it exploded all over this morning, and my lunch I had saved for today was stinking up the office. And I messed up on one of the logs.

So now I'm awkwardly sitting here next to my angry coworker for the next 4 hours, have no food, didn't get to eat lunch or breakfast, and the oppressive weight of everyone's anger at me is crushing.

LadyAlyxandrea 8 July 9

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Now that is one seriously gawd awful Monday. Mark it down on the calendar so you know to call in sick next year on this date.

And the best part is I am going to go home in two hours in my car that is now a sad reminder that my parents are going to guilt and shame so they can take over my entire life because I can't be trusted with my own finances and life choices which I can't blame them because I have never been fiscally responsible and have always put my own desires in front of my needs, and no one in my house cooks so I've been eating out for the last two weeks

@LadyAlyxandrea I'm 30 years older than you, so believe me when I say this will all blow over in a few weeks. Unfortunately you will have to take the crap for a few weeks so they'll think they've made their point.


Cars are the worst. Have thought of shooting mine an getting horses.

I'd love horses, though it's 104 degrees here and I work 40 miles from my house so...probably not the most ideal course atm


So you are gettIng paid to fast. Amor Fati.

I'm sorry what?

@LadyAlyxandrea You were at work, getting paid for your time, and not eating. So you were fasting. Which is healthy, I fast 16-20 hours a day.

Amor Fati is a Latin term popular in the Stoic community. It means love faith, that is, embrace whatever life throws at you.

@Mitch07102 I see. I almost always fast 12 hours. Which is why it was very upseting to have my food gone.

@LadyAlyxandrea Push your fasting period to at least 16 hours. 12 is not enough to deplete your glycogen


You lead a very dramatic life.

You're telling me. AND I'm legitimately trying NOT to have it lol.


Maybe I should just apply for disability and live in a shitty apartment. I can't piss people off if I never see anyone

even that is possible


If you've still got your job, and your coworkers are also friends, you're OK. Grandma will always love you.

I've been struggling with my coworkers for quite some time. Grandma can love me but she doesn't ever want to speak to me again


To quote D:Ream ..........’Things can only get better”!


Sorry you're having a rough time.


The day hasn't been a total waste. You're alive to live another one. Just hope it's not groundhog day!


I'm going to be rational and do what a responsible and mature adult would do when faced with the hatred and disappointment of others

Run away to live out the rest of my days in the forest as a midwife to wolves

I've felt like that at times. Sometimes even the wolves don't want anything to do with me.

@AstralSmoke I think I might ask to take a personal day today and see if another coworker that DOESN'T hate me will come in

There's always the chance it will give you an opportunity to reboot and start over, so that sounds good. Besides. I don't think the Internet connection is that great in the forest.

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