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What is worse for you, dating a person that believes in god, or a person that believes in the horoscope..??
hard one I know. LOL

vmedel 6 July 9

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Hands down, I'd take the astrology one. I've never met one that didn't take it at least half in fun, the rest in hope. Nothing really destructive to anyone else, and not really for themselves, either.

The god-believer, however, insinuates himself into every aspect of life from women's rights to non-belief being a crime - they're always suppressing something someone is doing.

Best would be neither, but the dating pool is thin enough that I wouldn't discount an astrologer. πŸ˜‰

A thin one for sure!!! ? thank you for your comment


That is easy. I have never met someone into astrology, who told me I was going to hell if I didn’t have my star chart done.

LB67 Level 7 July 9, 2018

I’d say run away from both.

Ohub Level 7 July 9, 2018

Doesn’t matter, they are both the same.


Horoscopes are just fun-no religious people but my biggest peave are racists.


God. While I don't believe in the mystical aspect of horoscopes, there is scientific data about being born during a certain season having an effect. For instance, women who are pregnant during the winter typically have lower levels of vitamin D which will effect the baby. Now those seasonal effects causing a personality change is up for debate.. And definitely doesn't mean a damn thing for your future wealth and such.

Makes sense!


For me they have about the same score.


Probably god. The horoscope thing might get annoying but at least horoscopes tend not to incite violence!


Astrology as that is mathematically disproved


My crazy neighbor who I avoid as much as possible, is REALLY into astrology and casually asked when my birthday was when we first met. Next thing you know I'm finding written "research" from her on my doorstep about my personality type. I also began to find pieces of paper with symbols that I didn't understand left under my windshield wiper. While I absolutely do not assume any scientific value in astrology what so ever, I can't help but notice that I've never met a March person who wasn't a lazy manipulative compulsive liar, a January person who was not a complete control freak, or a November female who was not a total bitch. shrug Just sayin. And I'd say a person who believes in God would be more difficult but only if he's a practicing religious type.

Lol love it.


The religious are worse because their beliefs quite often shape political policy. Anyone who believes in horiscopes is merely a harmless idiot!


In my "old age," I think my Atheism has become more aggressive, if not quite militant. I consider both of them equally bad. Both types of followers come with their own sets of issues which may, or may not be a problem in a relationship. I'd just as soon not go there. =]


I don't think ether would bother me, but they might get bothered by me poking fun at them here and there. Better have a good sense of humor. ?

JeffB Level 6 July 9, 2018

Both believers in that which does not exist, so IMO both have a thinking disorder some would call the definition of insanity.


God, horoscopes, or homeopathy.

That's tough.


Great question.

thank you!


It depends on the degree of their belief. If it's anything other than superficial, I'd have a problem with both. And likely wouldn't be dating either of them.


Except for maybe the Zodiac Killer, nobody is killing or dying for being a Scorpio.


If the person is insanely overbearing, one is as bad as the other.But could tolerate more of astrology than religion.


I'd rather have a horoscope believer. I don't think I'd trust a homosexual Xtian.

@Donotbelieve good point


To me its worse when idiots who can't spell try to make fun of other people and can't even do it without typos. Those are the ones I avoid...LOL.

Sorry English is not my first language
..I try my best but I'm still under learning process.
Ps: you are very pretty BTW.

@vmedel I'm not your type - I like astrology.

@exilesky obviamente estaba bromeando. ?
Oops sorry I mean. Obviously I was just kidding lol


If they aren't fanatics l am fine with either. I have no interest in being celibate or alone. How far away from you are the folks on this site you might be interested in.


Wtf... just no. Just say NO

Run!!! Lol

@vmedel darn way


lets see my ex believed in god horoscopes an fckin psychics not a good mix esp when i had to listen to shit that my dead father apparently told her psychic

weeman Level 7 July 18, 2018
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