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What are some of the biggest scientific breakthroughs??

Don71 5 July 18

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In addition to those mentioned, the discovery of radiocarbon dating by Willard Libby; the discovery of the iridium rich K-Pg boundary by the team led by Luis Alvarez; and the inadvertent discovery by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson of the cosmic microwave background radiation left over from the Big Bang.


What is nuclear fission, nuclear fusion and the mapping of the human genome Alex?


Without any question. The invention of the transistor. When vacuum tubes were replaced by the much smaller and faster transistors then computers started their path to becoming smaller, lighter, and more efficient. This also includes the cousins of transistors such as diodes, SCRs, and any other NP junction electronic components.


The printing press. Unfortunately much of it's purpose was wasted on printing bibles.


The discovery and systematic classification of the chemical elements.


Way too many to contemplate. I think the telescope was a jump starter and put all the rest into motion incrementally and the human intellect, curiosity and brain did the rest.


charles darwins natural selection

weeman Level 7 July 18, 2018

Birth Control

MsAl Level 7 July 18, 2018

@Morganfreeman Yes but the post didn't specify. It may not be the most scientifically impressive breakthrough but a very important one. Without it most people spend the majority of their lives caring for large families and the freedom to grow and discover beyond that is much less.


The equations of motion
Special and General Relativity
The atomic nature of matter.
The existence.of micro-organisms (bacteria etc)
The wave/particle dual nature of electromagnetic radiation


Ernest Rutherford’s splitting the Atom.


I like big butts...


I like butts.


The recent observation of gravitational waves.

Oooh I wasn't aware of that, that is pretty big.

But this does not affect our lives...

@Matias Nothing does on first discovery. It takes time to decipher and put into practice.

@jlynn37 correct. Einstein wasn’t thinking about GPS when he published on relativity


Vaccines and Antibiotics



Fun fact: people have been brewing beer for longer than we have been baking bread.

@AlmostVulcan Yea. if memory serves, I think I read somewhere they were making beer back when they were building the pyramids.


Plate tectonics - underpins all of earth sciences. The modern synthesis of genetics and evolution. Quantum mechanics.


The biggest was finding out how to harness and generate electricity , that has made everything in the modern world possible , without it we would be no where !!


They're hoping what's going on in Antarctica is going to help confirm the existence of neutrinos, that's pretty big. Psychology and Psychiatry have seen explosive growth in depth and breadth of various research angles.

Electricity, DNA, radio, television, mapping the genome, the internet, computers (and by extension cell phones, tablets, laptops, their implementation in industry) atomic power (like it or not it's a breakthrough) indoor plumbing, hot water heaters, microwaves from radar dishes to ovens, RADAR, Sonar, lasers, rockets, space travel (yes they're different rocketry has other applications) penicillin, pasteurization, inoculation.

Without a time frame...I could go on forever. Every scientific breakthrough that results in something that changes the everyday lives of normal people is a major scientific breakthrough. Anything 'minor' probably only interests other scientists.

Confirming the Higgs Boson is HUGE, but since no one is really affected by it, understands it, or cares, it's not regarded as a major breakthrough. The neutrino thing will fall under this category as well.

These are all very good but to expand on the DNA bit I love the potential of CRISPR.

@Anonbene it's an interesting idea, it'll need a lot more work and research before it's ready to be used on any kind of public level. The potential is certainly there.

But none of the other breakthroughs DNA, computers, microwaves , would be possible with out first discovering electricity and how to distribute it , that is where Tesla came in , by inventing 3 Phase electricity each leg being 120 degrees out of phase from one another also figuring out 480 volt power voltages and discovering that each leg of a 480 volt system is 277 volts or 480 volts X the square root of 3 or 1.732 x 480 volts , my degree is in Industrial Technology and Industrial Electronics so I know a little bit about the subject ..


Not enough. We as a species still need to evolve.

Mokvon Level 8 July 18, 2018
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