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In my professional life, I dealt with many political figures, governmental agency upper staff, and academic figures. When involved with those people in dealing with issues in relation to improving public education, I often encountered people who were acting in a presumptuous manner, or not acting in a manner contributing to school improvement,

I always let them and everyone else involved, know how I felt by addressing the pompous or unhelpful person by his or her first name -- hot by Mr. or Mrs. by Dr., or by his or her title Believe it or not, it did help in tearing down the differences in status they were trying to foist and maintain and it did help in making them more cooperative.

I, therefore, suggest that we always refer to Donald Trump my his first name or by "Trump -- not Mr. or President. That way he will clearly understand that he is no better than the least of us and that his behavior has earned no respect from us.

wordywalt 8 July 21

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I see no good treason to refer to him by title, first or last name. Call him by what is appropriate. Traitor is a good start.


I still like Don the Con, that is the least offensive of the names I have for him.


He has earned my deep disrespect and contempt. He should be impeached.
I'd like to come up with a name that demonstrates that. 👹

bingst Level 8 July 21, 2018

Totally agree -- a name which is not crude or obscene -- but which expresses utter contempt"

@wordywalt Lesser President..?


I think this is a great idea. It's slightly demeaning without being nasty.Just "Don." No "The" Something tells me it would bug the piss out of him.

Oh, year!


I call him Asshole. No more, no less. Seems to fit him perfectly!


Up until this administration, even if I greatly disliked the person in office, I would at least acknowledge they hold their position, though I prefer to only use last names without honorifics for brevity. I liked Obama personally and politically, and I almost never referred to him as President Obama. Maybe that instinctive 'include the honorific as a reflex' wasn't instilled in me; my generation was the first to start to see manners and implicit expectations of respect take a major hit. But I don't even like to acknowledge that douchenozzle by name, let alone acknowledge he scammed people into electing him to public office on a 'vote against this other person' campaign. Negative-centric political choices irk me. Half the people who voted for him didn't vote for him. They voted against Hillary. Which is kind of a moot distinction practically, but represents a failing in our political system to provide better than a choice the lesser of comparably-reprehensible evils.

I agree with you in part. Hillary was not a likeable candidate, and she goofed in her campaign. But, she still would have won, had it not ben for the Russians and corrupt big money. I did not want her to be the Democratic candidate.

@wordywalt I'd love to see an end to the bipartisan political paradigm in general. I know it's an unrealistic dream but it's mine and I believe it would be to the benefit of us all. But as a society we have had that hard lined 'us vs. them' psychology ingrained in us since, what, the 50s? Pre-Colonnial England? Forever? I don't even know anymore.

@geist171 It is far, far worse now than it ever has been. And, corrupt big money and the Christian" right have played a huge role.

@wordywalt that's been my opinion, but I'm still relatively young and so I'm always open to the idea that my collective experience is not necessarily enough to make an accurate assessment. But more and more people of older generations are expressing the same concerns, which is some measure of disheartening validation.


I'm kind of partial to calling him Twitler

GwenC Level 7 July 21, 2018

TRump will go down in the history books as the first traitorous president. sigh


He is not as good as the least of us. I would put bacteria and viruses above old bubble butt.


Cheetoh Benito, orange blob, DJ, among many monikers. Respect is earned, and he has not earned any.

He's earned my disrespect. In all honesty though, that started long before he decided to run for president.


I never refer to him as "president"...and I never capitalize his name. And I often use his real name: drumf.


That's a guarantee with me. I can't even stomach his name, though. I just refer to him as, "it".


Precisely why I will only refer to him as a number.
Names are for humans.


The great orange fondling father


I've never been able to refer to him as "President". I don't think it was even a conscious choice, at first. Just can't do it because I believe that it's a title of respect that has to be earned. The more time passes though, the less respect I have for him instead of the other way around.

Well, actually, I always refer to him as our fake president, makes me feel good to hand that fake stuff back to him


There are many of us who never have referred to him with any title that was not derogatory, and I doubt that is going to change.


I just refer to him as Trump. Why would I show any respect towards a trust fund baby who has spent their whole life pissing away their daddy's money only to be repeatedly bailed out of bankruptcy?


My very Southern Grandmother would be spinning in her grave if I addressed the Pope by his first name! BUT...I'll keep this in mind if I should have the great misfortune to actually have to meet the bastard. Until then...he's TREASONOUS GROPER to me.

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