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Today I met someone in person from this site. It's nice to know like minded people live close.

confidentrealm 7 July 24

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A meet siunds fabulous... Im in Phoenix

EvaV Level 7 July 26, 2018



Just having this site, made me feel less isolated! People can be free to ‘think and be’ what they believe makes sense to them!


Great news....


epic win!!!!!!!!


☺ yay!

Sirena Level 7 July 24, 2018

Years ago I may have met you also except that I no longer live close to Katy, Texas. 🙂


I met someone here as well, who is not local. Our first in person meeting is this week. Anything is possible!

Good luck!

Good luck.... Did you spend time talking on phone? When did you know it was time to meet? I meet a lovely man but fate... Not so kind. Have a great time


Thats great to hear, hope its the start of a lasting friendship.


I hope you had a good time.

We did. I hadn't gone with anyone to the movies for years. It's nice. I hope to see him again soon. Wish me luck 🙂

@confidentrealm I do, I do. May you have a great time for the rest of your life.

@Jolanta Only time will tell


It really helps to know you aren't the only person without religion in the world.

And meet ups between folks in real life are happening. It's really nice to see.


Yes it is.


Seems that's a rarity; unless others just aren't mentioning it. I hope it was a satisfying encounter.

I think when it happens, people don't want to shout it here because they wonder if the other person is going to be happy to see it mentioned, however obliquely.

@Paul4747 you may be right about that.




I'm happy for both of you, and I am eager to do the same, but must wait a couple of months.

EdEarl Level 8 July 24, 2018


weeman Level 7 July 24, 2018

Do tell! Was it a pleasant encounter?

So many people on this website act like arrogant ass-hats, I'm not sure I want to meet most of them.

@Storybook Why, are you assuming the label fits you? Strange..

@Storybook it was eye-opening to be here. I was never trolled so much except on alt-right sites. I learned to block and keep it up, otherwise I couldn't stand to be here at all. It's like the men are unaware that attacking women with whom they disagree in any way will make them not want to date them. I even block men I see attacking other women.

@birdingnut ...girl you put action, behind your words! I applaud takes me a while to get at the bottom of what is going on with some responses!

He's very nice. We went out to eat and to a movie. I hadn't done that for years. If we don't have a romantic relationship I'm sure we will be good friends. He's very kind and atheist like me. And we live less than a half hour from each other.

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