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I’m at a gun range in Florida. This is a target you can use. I think that’s sick.

PhitDoctor50 7 July 24

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So there are human shaped targets that aren’t sick?

a human shaped silhouette has no real interpretive meaning. A person with a cell-phone, obviously in "I'm recording you" stance is kind implicit license or at very least the possibility of interpretive license, to shoot someone who may be trying to record your activities to preserve the thin blue line.

And this isn't your "point score increasing towards the 10-ring" target. There are LUNGS visible, as if to say "give them a sucking chest wound so you can beat them before they die."

Generally they are a vaguely human-shaped head and torso drawing or a drawing of a human threat such as someone with a gun, knife, or baseball bat, etc. Not a human simply exercising their civil rights.

We all can't be Amish, friend.


Um, because it is sick...never seen one of these before. Must be for bad cops who don't like getting caught.


I do not go to the range anymore because of all the pseudo manly men posing & walking around like they are Clint Eastwood on a movie set. The "hey sweetie"s made me want to use them as a target. But then I wouldn't be able to defend my country against the Russians. So I go to an outdoor range where there are mostly cops & they are respectful.


I'm with you on this. I don't see how this would help someone practice shooting to better enforce the law, ensure the security of a free state, or protect their self from a shooter. In fact the actual shooting of someone recording on a cell phone would diminish the security of a free state. It seems antithetical to me.


I take it this is for cops who don't want to be videoed while beating the shit out of some guy they caught driving while black or hispanic?


LOL --- it would be funnier if it were Kim Kardashian taking a selfie....


What type of members go to this range: Militia, atl-right, police? I'm thinking either the operator is appeasing or the members are requesting.
Agree any depiction of a human form is sick but made worst when the vital organs and biggest damage sections are highlighted: Brain, eye, nose, lungs, heart and spine. Wonder what kind of friendly contest one does with these?

Lukian Level 8 July 24, 2018

Thats insane! Why would even I want to shoot at a human target. I am a gun owner and a very good shoot, there is a reason that shooting at the bulleye target works to improve your aim; those concentric rings allow you not only to tune in your sight but, also your aim and the windage. Beside being sick to be shooting at a person like someone would filming a cop, it is also a waste of effort.


I like that...


Only if it's someone taking a selfie is it the right thing to do.


B I told the fucker not to take my picture... he had it coming..


So, this is offensive to you. Yet, you're at the range. Were you there to shoot? Maybe practice with a sidearm? It's just a target. Cardboard behind paper. I don't get the outrage. But then, I'm one of those conservative 2nd amendment guys. I shoot at various targets depending on the weapon and the type of shooting I'm doing. So, does this outrage you? It's paper.

I get the zombie target. But would you shoot a target with a baby on it?

Interesting question Ken.
First, it's a piece of paper on a cardboard backing.
That's all. I'm going to guess you mean a depiction or picture of a baby as a target.
If that is what you're asking, sure. To me, it's a target, not an infant. If you're asking me if I'd shoot a baby, I can't think of any scenario where I'd do that.

It's obnoxious because the target is unarmed and not a threat to the shooter. This is NOT OKAY. Sure, it's paper, but you aren't there practicing to shoot at paper, are you? This target normalizes shooting at a target who is taking video of you. Only a bad cop would think of this.

@bigpawbullets Then I guess we practice for different reasons. I shoot my Bow at targets that resemble the intended use of the Bow. I shoot my handgun and shotgun at targets that resemble the intended use of the gun. I practice those shots so I am more prepared to function in those given situations. What expertise are you trying to develop by shooting at non intended targets? Or are you just in there with a video game state of mind like with the zombie targets?

@PhitDoctor50 Sorry for the loss of your father.

Greetings Ken!
I applaud your deligence in practicing with your weapons. I'm told that many people don't. I shoot sporting clays, long range PB cartridge matches, informal C&R military rifle matches, and practical pistol. I use whatever tag are is appropriate, or provided for competition. At the range, any paper target is fine. I don't play video games. Kind of a waste of time, like television, in my opinion.


For this to be an accepted human target it would have to be a human with a gun of some sort. It can never be a human with an object that is not going to hurt you. Military and police ranges have this sort of target choices when you go through their course. Shoot the one without the weapon and you fail and are out of there quickly.

Except this is not a pop-up target for a shoot/don't shoot scenario. It's one you would choose on a firing range. Ten to one the inventor is a bad cop.


I agree-hate guns.


It's a hunk of cardboard. And...?

Would you feel better if it were Trump's picture?

@PhitDoctor50 Well, that's good.

But it's not a human being, no matter what. Just cardboard. You know and I know you wouldn't shoot somebody holding just a cell phone, so what's the difference?

If you shoot Trumps pic as a target you had better be on your own property way out in the sticks.

@Paul4747 Would you shoot at a target with the image of an infant? This image holding a phone is just as non threatening.

@kensmile4u The point is, the target is cardboard. The piece of cardboard is not what it represents.

Targets like this are meant for exercises in shoot/ don't shoot tests, what it's doing at a firing range is beyond me... but as a thing to measure your accuracy on, it works.

This target is obnoxious because it is a bad cop's fantasy. If a target is "not what it represents" why have anything but bullseye targets?

I've never been on a shooting range where flat paper targets were used in a shoot/don't shoot lesson. That is why a professional police range has pop-up targets. This is just a regular target and one would have to choose it. Sick.

@hemingwaykitten "a bad cop's fantasy"?

Law enforcement officers don't fantasize about shooting people. That's an uninformed civilian fantasy.

Please don't condescend to me. It's obvious what this target is for. I do shoot, and this is unacceptable.

@Paul4747 Sounds a little sketchy to me Paul. I practice to improve my situational accuracy. This target is not an intended situation. I wouldn't shoot at it because it might erode my reaction to not shoot it IRL.


This is not OK.


Normalizes it. What target do you think should be there?

@PhitDoctor50 That sounds good to me. I never would like a target to be human of any sorts.

Unless it's a zombie human. That's something we need to prepare for 😉

Better still use anything you want as a target, but ensure nobody has the ability to aim deadly things at you.

Exactly. But that brings up an interesting question. Is a zombie a human? With human rights?

@bigpawbullets Well, only if he claims to be human I guess ?

Just ask.
Me: Are you human and want basic human rights?

Zombie: "err, argh... Brains"

Me: "bang!" ?

@EddieDean Yeah, but he may go bang before you go bang.

I want you on my team.

@bigpawbullets How much do you pay?

@Salo Like cameras....?

From a fellow shootist, I'll take this as a good recommendation.

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