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I should run for political office just to see what kind of dirt they dig up on me. It would be nice to be able to piece together my twenties.

By Duke8
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I'm glad smartphones and fb didn't exist when I was a teen...



My 20's were fake news, I swear by almighty....ah shit!

Salo Level 7 Aug 3, 2018

Take charge & start your own rumors. I heard you fought for the Wakandan Alliance. Capitalize on it, man!


Yes please! I'd vote for you.

Yes! @Duke for president


One of the only things that’s good about not being a millennial is the lack of a digital trail regarding our wilder youth. Make ‘em work for it!

PenLOP Level 7 Aug 3, 2018

I'm not even certain that I had a twenties. might be nice to find out though, might not.

hankster Level 9 Aug 3, 2018

My 20's were my best's just sad that I didn't know it at the time smile005.gif


Old friends can sometimes help fill in the blanks. I get a kick out of talking to a "way back then" friend and they start telling you some story about some funny or crazy thing you have no recollection of. Then later on you'll be thinking about what they said and little bits and pieces start coming back.

daylily Level 7 Aug 3, 2018

I googled myself some 12 years ago and cleaned up all the digital clutter that I found laying around, even then not liking anyone's ability to build a fairly acerate profile on me based around scraps of information left on various long forgotten platforms I signed up for as a teenager. And whats left now is distanced from my real self, and can be fairly easily turfed if need be.

Though becoming more well known now, ones right to be forgotten should have hit the forefront a LONG time ago.

Mb_Man Level 6 Aug 3, 2018

That would be a good way to find out about those years spent in a fog....

One advantage to all the speed, and coke l did was, l was very alert during my 20's and 30's, and into my 40's. I'm so happy about that. Great memories.


Sometimes it's best to let sleeping dogs lie. smile001.gif

Betty Level 7 Aug 3, 2018

I would vote for you?


Good one Kenny.


At least we'd have something to laugh about, rather than facepalming on a daily basis. I can only imagine your daily tweets smile002.gif


Atheist in theocratic political Office?
Good luck ?


And my thirties

Yes!! I tell all the 20somethings they have no clue. I had women falling all over themselves to be with me then. The good old days!!


My thirties were crazier then my twenties, and my life crapped out since. ... not that I am running for politics, but there is plenty of shit on me on line to have fun with.

Slava3 Level 7 Aug 3, 2018

They won't have to dig far to get dirt on me. I was pretty adventurous in my youth.

kiramea Level 7 Aug 3, 2018

My 30's were much worse than my 20's


Might be an asset, these days!

DES32 Level 4 Aug 3, 2018

Ya got my vote! ?

KKGator Level 9 Aug 3, 2018

Honestly, if people are running on being pro-pedophile, anything you have done probably goes to your advantage. I doubt you have killed anyone. At this point, maybe even that would work in your favor.

Yeah remember DT said he could shoot someone on the streets of NYC and his base would still love him


Go for it


Go for it



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