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The Donald said he did not say that certain countries are sh*tholes. I'm wondering, are there recordings of this talk ?

Skyfacer 7 Jan 12

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I have to admit that I've been guilty of a bit of racism myself. Every time I see something awful on TV that's happening in say Pakistan or Nigeria ect I say "Look at that sh*t that's happening in that Third World Toilet" I know. Me bad.


What was the context I am wondering? It has been a long Itime, was in some place I wondered about on occasion.


Two Republicans who were there have come down with "Sessions Memory", so it's probably safe to say it was not recorded.


There doesn't need to be any recordings. We have Sen. Lindsay Graham 🌈 in the room at the time saying it happened (not directly but certainly undeniably). He also said he spoke his piece to Trump about what Trump had said. There is also Dick Durban 🍸 (very level headed statesman) in the room at the time that came out specifically and forcefully that it did happen and that Trump used the racist term several times. It's funny because, there are 2 🌈 Sens. Tom Cotton and David Perdue, who actually had the balls to say they don't recall him saying that. That's not a denial that he said it, but it sure is a cowards cop-out to stay on Trump's good side. Outrageous!

Since I can't edit, the rainbows are for republican and the martini is for democrat. Geez ...


Well, if he's denying it, then I'd bet money that it happened. I'm more curious about all the outrage, because frankly, I didn't find his remarks surprising at all. Did people just realize he's a bigot?

dkp93 Level 7 Jan 12, 2018

I doubt it. Trump lies so often that he dare niot make a recording of anything he says.


nobody besides trump actually denies it happened. senator graham says something offensive happened and one of the other republican senators said that the reports in the news were accurate. there probably aren’t readily available recordings


He denies things that he's said that were caught on tape, so for me I don't care.


I don't think so. He's made it clear about all electronic devices. He's very careful and careless at different moments of the game. I'm surprised he slipped like he

Well then If that's the case , how convenient

@Skyfacer There were no media in the room. The reporting was done by a couple of different Senators who were there. one eyebrow up

Might not be a slip, Bob. He might want to appear to be losing his mind, a preferable(?) alternative to impeachment and prison.

@Ninjasis. Wow.... never thought about that....


There are likely recordings (as long as there was a Google device in the room). Google records everything, all the time, but edits the recordings so you can only hear clips of you using Assistant. If they were willing to admit they do this, they could release the recordings and answer millions of questions Americans have.


He lied. Of course he said it. It's been confirmed by others who were in the room at the time and heard it themselves.
I'm willing to bet that it was recorded. Whether or not we'll ever hear the recordings is another matter entirely.


HE SAID IT....but you can be sure there are a lot of people who agree with him....simply, they don't blabber as he does.


Santor Dick Durbin (D-Ill) has verified the accuracy of this report, as have others who were there. Trump himself only denied making it AFTER the furor became so great that even he could not escape it. So, given the choice of believing Durbin and the others or believing a known prevaricator like Trump, I see no reason to doubt the veracity of the report. I think Trump lies like he breathes.

I think it was Durbin who said not only did trump say it, he said it a couple of times, so it was not a slip of the tongue. It was a slip of his prejudice.


Dunno... but I know one country that's fast becoming a shithole.


I'm wondering too-good question

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