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If life is a journey, I think my bus is late.

Duke 8 Aug 9

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My bus never stopped.


In this world there are those with OCPD who become upset if the bus is late or early. Then there are those who go with the flow understanding that the wait long or short, scheduled or unscheduled is all part of the same journey - it will take as long as it takes, never a second longer or shorter than is necessary to get from A to desired destination B.
If you never reach B then joyfully embrace your replacement destination C.

It is but pride and ego demanding satisfaction that the bus be on time and reach its stated destination.


There is a bus! I've been hitch-hiking through this crap.


No wonder I an still standing at the curb waiting for a taxi, who knew it was a bus.


Don’t wait for the bus, it may never arrive. Get out there on your two legs and go!


Well, then enjoy the wait! ha ha


Knowing my luck, when my ship comes in, I'll be at the airport.

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