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If you could live anywhere in the world except your homeland, where would that be?

hankster 9 Jan 15

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Iceland or New Zealand

New Zealand is breathtaking. I haven't visited but it's on my bucket list. Probably the only thing that's off-putting is that it's prone to earthquakes.


@VictoriaNotes Dont worry we havent had one in a few hours 😉 lol. We have one of those Alert systems for your phone like Hawaii does, not for nuclear bombs but for earthquakes and tsunamis.

@Sacha Lol -- well then . . . 😀

@Sacha and @VictoriaNotes,Both nations have earthquakes but less people and social problems than most place other places and are equally good choice should I have to move from my preferred home. The thing is that there are a lot of choice that are here in Canada as well its nice to live in a really big nation with a low population.

@HeathenFarmer All of my father's side of the family is from Quebec. I'm half Canadian French. Canada would certainly be an option as it seems more secular, but after the last PM you had there, who was pretty much like a far-righter in the U.S. with dominionist tendencies, my thoughts of moving there diminished somewhat.

@VictoriaNotes Interesting not long after you mentioned this about earthquakes, this link came up on my facebook [] 10 years of earthquakes in New Zealand in 10 seconds

@VictoriaNotes , Unfortunately Canada is not devoid of people willing to make stupid choices but, it lacks the rabid crazy found in a lot of the States. Harper tried to change this and failed as the conservative will always do. Things like healthcare and the social safety net are things that the average Canadian takes for granted make it really difficult for conservatives to touch. We also have provinces with socialist governments that won't play ball with the likes of Harper.

@HeathenFarmer I know a lot of people from Canada -- people I've met online in the blogging community, and I was stunned to learn that there were many pockets of evangelical Christians there. Several of these Canadians I met and have gotten to know were ex-evangelicals. But, what boggles my mind is that Harper was even elected in the first place. Do you think that this could ever happen again?

@HeathenFarmer For clarification, I wasn't asking if Harper could ever be elected again, but rather, a far-right conservative.

@VictoriaNotes , Yes, Scheer is waiting in the wings he is a social conservative and is best described as Harper with a smile. I live in one of those evangelical pockets with estimates that they make up 30% of Alberta's population.


Somewhere in Scandinavia... Despite the Freaking Cold Weather. Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden. Because of the women. More practical would be Baleares Islands in Mediterranean. Palma de Mayorca, Palma de Menorca, Ibiza. They will come down there for the summer and I speak the native language. During phase 3 of my life... I will own a Gin Joint and let her walk into mine among all the Gin Joints of the island.

@irascible "Of all the Gin Joints of the world and she has to walk into mine" Play it again, Sam... you good. Actually what he said in the movie is "If you played it for her Sam you will play it for me." A kiss is just a kiss....

@GipsyOfNewSpain "What brought you to Casablanca Mr Rick?" "I came for the skiing...I was misinformed"

@273kelvin Ha, he, he, ha.... I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

@GipsyOfNewSpain And we will always have Paris

Copenhagen, Denmark would be great to see.

@SKDeitch Been there but I am not exotic there, I am just another Puerto Rican... he, he, ha. When I was in Crete they came down looking for brown eyes because they had at home blue and green. In Crete I was the exotic one. Puerto Rico was a land far far away and that was my ticket without working hard. I am sure you feel the same way in Venezuela or Colombia. Specially the way the Colombian women talk to a man in their language. It is epic. You got a good eye and you had seen some of the most beautiful women in the planet.

@273kelvin Oh yeah. The noble beast let her go for a rebelion hero. Better man than me I guess.

@AtheismIsLife No dubt, no doubt.


Any guy that did not answer the playboy mansion is full of poop! (Regardless of homeland stipulation)

Or full of class? Not all guys are solely focused on the southern region. 😉

@VictoriaNotes can be full of class and full of poop too!
Yeah... some are focused on the northern mountains... and/or articles...

New Zealand, to live in the Shire and live like a hobbit.
@VictoriaNotes there... happy now?


The Harfoots, Stoors, or Fallohides?

@VictoriaNotes Harfoots, of course.

@HeyHiHullo Lol -- I thought so.

@VictoriaNotes What say you?
To the 3 breeds? 😉

@HeyHiHullo No comment. 😀


I'd say the USA, maybe Colorado. I really enjoyed snowboarding in a place called Vale and the people there were really friendly, I've actually found that most Americans I've met are generally well mannered and enjoyable to talk to. Same with us Australians but we are sometimes a bit too relaxed. Like this one time I was at the beach and I saw an old man shewing a snake off the path with his shoe.

@SKDeitch. What do you mean? The whole world is a crazy place. At least in America you have some nice scenery and access to target shooting, one of my favourite sports.

@Lancer no comment about the target shooting🙂

@btroje What's wrong with target shooting?

@shockwaverider my twisted humor

@btroje Just like a rifled barrel... 🙂

It's a nice experience to have. To be honest any person who hasn't shot a gun before shouldn't really have an opinion on them.

Like how a Chinese chef shouldn't have an opinion on the foreign policy of Libya.

We all have opinions about everything and yet we have none of the necessary experience ????


Germany. I lived there before. I would, again.

I love Germany too.

Thanks, Jnei! Since I lived there for two years, I didn't get to see everything. So, I would go back, and, make that happen.

I also loved the city of Berlin. Die 3 Jahren da weran unter der besten mines Lebens.

@wordywalt I'm not sure I could choose between Berlin and Hamburg. Berlin's the greatest city in the world; Hamburg's.. well, there's nowhere quite like Hamburg. Thank the (non-existent) god of autobahns for the A24!

Berlin is lovely. I went to a museum there, and, it was beautiful. But, because it is an old city, I saw a big, huge, brown rat!!!!!! I was just walking down the street, and, my friends were ahead of me. It went in the gutter. I yelled......????????????????????


Well, since I speak Spanish, I would realistically gravitate towards South America, Peru, Bolivia, or Chile being at the top of the list, with maybe Argentina, except the economy there is always in danger of getting fucked up -- at least that's what Argentinians have told me.

New Zealand appeals to me, but Australia kind of intimidates me. The wildlife there is some of the craziest most vicious in the world. I love the ocean, but between Great Whites and Box Jellyfish, I'd be too freaked out to even step in the water.

@LucifersPen "Australia kind of intimidates me.The wildlife there is some of the craziest most vicious in the world." Ah, so I see you've heard about some of our politicians.. 🙂. Well, if you come here bring plenty of money. We get ripped off for everything.

@David1955 Didnt the wildlife eat of your PMs?

@273kelvin Ah, yes, poor PM Harold Holt, taken by a shark, or drowned and eaten by a shark, can't be sure, back in 1967. Well, he was warned about it going into the surf...

Funny how our country is the only one which can say "Yes, we lost one of our Prime Ministers at sea, he just went for a swim and we lost him"

Also Australia isn't that dangerous as long as you're careful. If not then it's like natural selection on steroids. You think Mad Max was crazy? Try waking up in the morning after camping on a sand dune with dirtbikers flying overhead and you're scrambling to pack up and get to the car.

Well, you be careful, trust your instincts, my friend.

my generalization is everything in Australia is trying to kill you


Hmm… I've heard good things about New Zealand.

I heard someone round here called in paradise 😉

@Sacha Not sure about the place (I don`t think I would get on with the population) but they do have a great radio station "radio paradise" check it out

I had acousin that lived in Tasmania for years. SHe loved it

@273kelvin After living here my whole life, I don't think I have ever heard of a radio paradise.


Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Norway (but they don't take many people from shithole countries, I hear), Ireland, UK, Japan, or Denmark. Possibly Aruba.

@MsOliver Were they of the anti-Obamacare but pro-ACA sort?

@MsOliver We take he who has the most money, which is really just a whole lot of Chinese


I think New Zealand or Australia.

While I feel Australia is too boring I find New Zealand to be lovely.

@DUCHESSA Amen to that 😀


Santorini Greece Or Bali Indonesia

Sacha Level 7 Jan 16, 2018

I'll come visit from Ibiza.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Yay 🙂


I’m a city person and I love politics. Barcelona or Istanbul.

Barcelona... passed by Istanbul by the sea... what a sight of that gold roof palace but did not stopped.

would visit to see Gaudi's work


Canada.... it's just north of us and a really beautiful place to live... freaking cold though.

then you would really have weather to talk about

@btroje. Yep.... I think I got my accent from them. People still ask me where im from up north.


Well, I chose USA to live in....My homeland is Argentina.

Why would that be?

No for political / money reasons but for very personal ones.-


Great Britain. I'm an Anglophile and I don't mind rain. And Chunky KitKats from there are da bomb.

You ever had Rock 'n Chips in the South East? Better than Cod 'n Chips!


Tierra Del Fuego

on the edge of the world


No country is perfect, my dream has been always USA, and truly I am happy to be here. Of course, people may think that US is the worst, but you know the saying that the grass is always green on the other side? Well, my heart is in US. Nowhere else.

You been wrong before.


Thinking of leaving this 'shit-hole' country to move to Norway. 😉 Hope nobody else made this joke but I wasn't going to search through 60+ posts!

I was gonna give you thumps up but you made it a joke.


Somewhere with high mountains.


Thailand. I used to live and work there. I've never felt more at home than when I was there. Unfortunately I can't live there at the moment. I like not being in a Christian country.


Western Australia would be nice. It still has that frontier feel that I crave. However, they're not accepting too many immigrants and they're very selective about it, so....bummer.


I speak Arabic but I'm not a fan of summer... so perhaps to Sweden? It can't be as hard to learn Swedish as it was to learn Arabic and I love snow! 😛


Anywhere in Scandinavia - ideally, arctic Norway. France, Germany or Canada would also be good.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 16, 2018

Canada, England (or anywhere in the UK), Australia, New Zealand. If I could automatically be fluent in the native language, Scandinavia or northern Europe.




Not sure I would want to leave Liverpool I love so much but New York maybe?

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