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Fuhrer Trump Trying to Deport Adopted Toddler From Peru-WTF!

sassygirl3869 9 Aug 18

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Jeeeeeebus Christopher Gawd. Is there no end to the depravity of the Damnfool Drumpf administration? I know, it is a rhetorical question. Of course not. You'd a thunk they'd hit rock bottom but they just keep digging.


He is in humaine


Nothing these crazy ass, lowlife varmints who are currently infesting the White House do surprises me in the slightest anymore. Every time I think that they can't possibly find a way to stoop any lower, they find a new way to prove me wrong.

At this point, all of this just makes me sad. I'm past the point of being angry.


If you want a source on this other than this meme:



Can Führer tRump be stopped?

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