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Where is the worst place you have been stuck for a long time?

HippieChick58 9 Aug 19

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In my mind


In Trump's America.

Ouch! So true.


In an orange Plymouth Duster with a guy I really didn't like, but had to pretend that he had a chance with me, since I needed a ride home from college over the Thanksgiving break. He was boring and tried to hit on me the entire 16 hour trip. He got lost so we had to bunk down at a farm somewhere in Ohio because he got too crazy tired to drive safely...I couldn't sleep because I was afraid he would try something...worst road trip experience ever...then I had to repeat it, except the farm layover, to get back...double worst road trip experience ever...


That sounds terrible. Glad you made it safely.

@LiterateHiker If he were interesting to talk to, it would have been great...but all he could talk about was muscle cars and how he wanted to sleep with all of the girls in my he had an Afro( he was white) and wore polyester plaid pants...nightmare...just a nightmare...thanks for bringing it to mind...ha ha ha I forgive you!


In a 20 year emotionally, and occasionally physically abusive marriage to an alcoholic. But I got out.


The Army


In my own head.

Me too!


Newark Airport.

I was there last year. I will now avoid it unless I simply have no choice. Worst ever.


2 days with my lunatic mother & brother on a road trip in a car. After that & got my own car & vowed never to be at another driver's mercy.


When I was kid, a friend invited me to play at his house. His mom picked us up after school, but instead of going straight to his house, we stopped at a nail salon because his mom had an appointment to get her nails done. My friend and I had to stay inside the salon the entire time. His mom was a single parent and was very protective of her son. (Once she called her boyfriend, the neighbors, and almost the police because he and I walked a little bit further down the neighborhood than where we were supposed to. She thought we had been kidnapped or something.)

So we couldn't leave the salon and the fumes from the place were intense. I remember having a bottle of Root Beer and trying to breathe in the Root Beer smell instead of the nail salon fumes because it was getting unbearable. Well I got a massive headache while we were there and had to be taken home. I haven't been in a nail salon since then.





That's what I was going to say.

@toots8735 , beat you to


I also don't want to answer this question on the grounds that it may incriminate me


Sarasota Florida????


At my mother's house, with no job, no income, no friends.


Driving across Texas, from east to west, was the longest boring experience of my life.


I was stuck in Venezuela for a week after being mugged on day one by machete point then trying to get passports while everything was closed for holy week, because the police wanted to throw us in jail for not having passports.

OMG! Glad you got away!


My marriage and Disneyworld


Los Angeles Central Juvenile Detention Center


@Sticks48 High tea

@BlueWave How long?

@Sticks48 Too

@BlueWave Guys love outlaws too. ?

@Sticks48 Actually, I think it was about three days. To me, it felt like FOREVER!

@BlueWave I'm sure it did. I have done a couple of overnighter, and knew l would never do prison. I probably got lucky in that regard doing all the different drugs back in the day. If l had gotten busted and was out on bail, l think l would have disappeared.


A car with my parents, as an adult.


My first overseas tour in Samsun, Turkey. 15 months at an Air Force communications site in remote northern Turkey. No family, no women, nothing I was used to when I was living in the States. Just me, 150 other guys and a lot of booze.

I know exactly where that is! And the conditions you endured!

@thinktwice That was a vote of sympathy I hope. Lol. On top of it all, I got married two months before I got my orders. Wa-a-a-a....

@Yogisan I have my dad's notebook called "Sex in Turkey" is full of blank pages! ha ha ha

Yes, it was a sympathy vote...and wow...newly married? Your poor wife!

@thinktwice. My poor wife?! The only thing she didn't have was me. The only thing I didn't have was her...and everyone and everything else. Lol.

We had a USO troup, mainly a band, come to Samsun to entertain us. They had a female lead singer. She was singing this one song and one of the guys next to me asked, " Who is that singing? She looks familiar." The guy next to him said, "That's a female." The first guy thought for a minute then said, "Oh yeah. That's why she looks familiar."

P.S. The lead singer was a former Mouseketeer. If I remember correctly, it was Doreen Tracy who passed earlier this year. M-O-U-S-E. Sigh...


42 and a half years ....planet earth !!!


Church? Lol


Driving across Kansas.

I can relate. I have made this drive many times.




Earth, in the 21st century...


The ER. 9 hours of hell. Most of it waiting to be seen and in pain. Not fun.

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