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To paraphrase the question that was posed to one and all, "What are your plans for the weekend?" Here is my answer:

Saturday was all about sailing. Sunday has so far been about sleep. But it is about to become about setting up another in a long series of monuments to the current POTUS. After briefly admiring this work of art (and criticizing its flaws; I never seem to get the pompadour just right) I will turn the little chrome handle and watch my masterpiece disappear into oblivion as the actual President will surely do at some happy and not too distant future date. Then I will get on with my other regular weekend activities: a late breakfast, (raw material for next attempt at rendering the President's likeness), laundry, grocery shopping, house cleaning, some yard work, and a mountain bike ride.

By Flyingsaucesir7
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My weekends are almost always computer, music conversion and storage, making CD's, watching any TV or news broadcast that I want to, and staying the hell away from people. Sometimes I even have a drink. Soon I'm going to stop answering the phone on weekends.

DenoPenno Level 8 Aug 26, 2018

My answer is: "I've felt like shit and haven't done a fucking thing."


It's already 6:18 AM Monday in Songkhla, Thailand.

But I spent the weekend (since I've been in cancer recovery) as I usually do..birding, hiking, reading great Kindle books, watching Netflix series, walking five blocks to the Songkhla Tesco-Lotus mall to get an ice cream cone.

I no longer ride the breakers at the nearby beach, but I can still do a lot of stuff.


Sounds like a plan

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