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If you know, How do you know god doesn’t exist ?

POLdibujitos 3 Aug 27

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It’s not a question of knowing. When it comes down to brass tacks no one knows anything except superficially. I dabble with the idea of universal consciousness, which could be given the god label I suppose, but I’d never claim that as sure knowledge. Reality is dazzling, overpowering, and staggeringly awesome. Arguing over semantics is trite, boring, and useless.


I don't know that god/s don't exist, but I don't believe they do. No god is ruling over me, as I believe gods are created in the minds of humans. I can't say a god doesn't exist in the mind of someone who believes in a god. All I can say is that no god lives in my mind, and I am responsible for my own actions, decisions, the depth of my integrity and even some of my luck, if I try hard enough.


Atheists say there is no god, but agnostics say they don't know for sure, so I'm not sure what your question means.

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Which god?


I have seen nothing to suggest that any god exists.....end of 🙂


Science isn't very good at proving things don't exist, so you have to approach it from the angle of what does exist. What we do know quite a lot about is why humans tend to believe in gods and other things for which there is no supporting evidence. My confidence that there is no literal god rests on my cursory knowledge of developmental psychology, comparative religions, ancient mythology, evolution theory, neurobiology, etc. Study human nature and you will see where gods come from.

skado Level 8 Aug 27, 2018

If there was a God, why would I even have to pose the question


I don't know that the invisible pink unicorn exists or the flying spaghetti monster but I see no reason to start 'possibly' 'believing' - which takes energy - in all these things - if it is of no consequence to me that I have never seen any of these so basically I don't care if they exist or not - when I see them on a David Attenborough program maybe I'll change my mind till then its business as usual


I don't know, that there is no god
however I have no reason or evidence to think there is one, or that the possibility even exists, therefore I do not believe so. Give a good and evidence supported reason to change my mind and I will.


How do you now the Flyign Spaghetti Monster doesn't exist? How about vampires, or werewolves?

Simply put, I put my "faith" in what is supported by the evidence. In ancient times people who were mentally ill, were said to be "touched by the gods". Today, if a person said they go messages form god, or saw people or heard voices that nobody else could hear, today in modern times, nobody would take them seriously. So why take such persons seriously just because somebody wrote about them? There is no rational reason to do so, or to believe what those persons said in antiquity.


Surely an all-capable, all-knowing god could, at the very least, designate better mouth pieces to speak and act on His behalf, instead of the well-intentioned morons I normally encounter. Perhaps you have better evidence?


I think from a logical perspective, you don't need to prove the negative. Simply, god doesn't exist because of a lack of proof or evidence that he/she/it does.

If you want to infer god's existence through the existence of other things, such as "god must exist because look at all the beautiful trees". Then there can be no other possible explanation for the existence of those trees, scientific or otherwise.

Sadly, most people approach it from the perspective you provide. "I will believe until someone can prove it's not true."


Go out into the lea yell something you want an answer about don't get dusty waiting for a reply.


Young people dying of cruel diseases, others dying of hunger, others dying because of war, abuse..... Priest rapist...... On the other hand, plenty of assholes that get to live way too long...... Should I continue?... Clearly is all random or self inflicted. There is no God


Philosophically speaking there's no supportable knowledge or belief position, for OR against the existence of a deity (or any other entity or thing that is hypothesized in such a way as to be non-falsifiable). As such I hold NO belief and make NO knowledge claim either way.

That doesn't prevent me from thinking such a thing about as unlikely as it's possible to be. And it causes me to behave exactly the same as if I totally disbelieved or completely "knew" there's no god. Also, it doesn't somehow make religious faith a workable epistemology that accurately explains or predicts experienced reality.

Make of that what you will ... but I don't get into ass-kicking contests trying to [dis]prove the unsubstantiatable. I just calmly keep asking for a truth claim that is substantiatable, along with the requisite substantiation. And I continue to keep getting crickets.


I love dairy, but I'm lactose intolerant. Clearly, there can be no god. ?

I love cookies, cakes and all kinds of sweets.... See where this is going??... Yup, freaking diabetes. No, I am not fat or anything like that. Actually for my age I would say that I am in excellent shape... I just didn't choose my parents well ?

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