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I've come to the conclusion that the reason my cat can be so pissy is because she's nature's perfect killing machine but, she only weighs 6 pounds and I keep picking her up and kissing her.

Duke 8 Jan 20

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That sounds about right with cats


Mine is just sassy, fickle and stubborn.


they are loners by nature so what do you expect?


Mine is so pissy because she thinks she's a dog and marks her territory. She does not get along with other cats or dogs, but loves humans.

@Duke I fostered a tiny puppy for a few days and my cat glared at her the whole time. I've never seen a cat get so upset at having her space invaded by another creature. Her pissiness was palpable. Some cats do not play well with others.


She may just not love being picked up - not all cats do.

One of mine however, does not like to be put down , and cries mournfully to return to my shoulder like a baby !

@Duke everything we do for them is on their terms ! ha


Not sure where you are headed, but cats do have claws and they use them. Cats are a magnificent animal, but they answer ti no one, but choose to celebrate love with purrs and kitten paw massages. Wonderful Animals.


I have a big tom cat, indoor and out. He has caught and ate everything from tiny mice to bats and large rabbits (he loves their ears). I'm waiting for the first coon, though it probably isn't in his best interest to pick a fight with one.

Occasionally he will sleep on my lap. He was born under my bed, and I've been his dad ever since.

Awwwww, I love it that your refer to yourself as his dad. I've always been the cat and dog mom, they are adopted fur children after all. My ex did not like critters in the house, he was NOT the dad to the animals. My girls take after me.

@HippieChick58 I've been a cat lover since I was at least 7, if not younger. I like dogs too, but I prefer the big ones who don't yap and can play rough. I don't see myself as their dad, I put myself as the alpha male, which is a different mindset.

@Firelands1973 when I got my golden in 1996 I studied up on dog training and being the Alpha of the pack. I enjoyed training him. I had a 75 pound dog and a 90 pound mother in law. I had to train the dog or she would be in danger, she was frail. I trained him to hand signals and to wait to go up or down the stairs till the people were off. I had cats almost all my life, dogs only a couple of times. Cats are just better when your move frequently or have limited hours and no yards.


I love my kitties! I got a cat last February that is approximately two years old now. And two weeks ago I got a six month old kitten. They are still settling in, lots of hisses and spitting. They're getting better. I will always live with at least one cat. When I can't have a cat I don't want to hang around.


Sounds like my wife


Your cat lets you pick her up willingly? Not my Zeus. He's an indoor cat too. Females are better mousers.

I pick up my cats all the time, both girls. And they usually cuddle a bit before wanting down.

I had a black back in the 1990`s she was wicked smart. She liked water too unusually she would stick her head under the kitchen sink spigot when you turned it on.

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