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What is the most bogous religious reason you have been told to not buy products from a company? For me it was Proctor and Gamble. Why? They sold bath soaps formed in stars and half moons. It's Satanic! Anyone have one worse than that?

TheGreatShadow 9 Sep 2

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Then there's this [] among other things.

This video is a worthy bit of comic relief:

The first 7 or 8 minutes of the following video is more than enough to get the idea. A personal observation: These folks are fucking nuts.


I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Halloween yet.

When I came of age in the 1970's it was a "thing" to decry rock music as being "of the devil", a Satanic plot to stir up forbidden sexual urges, etc. This went away by the 80s though because Christian rock became a profitable enterprise and it kept the youngsters occupied with sanitized lyrics and less dark themes, so the Satanic critique was limited after that to things like heavy metal, Kiss, or overtly Satan-friendly lyrics -- just the over the top stuff. Still later I think they threw in a prohibition against openly gay singers of course. But the notion that there was such a thing as "wholesome" rock music was probably the most Christian teeny-boppers could hope for in terms of acceptance for that art form.

Then of course Sandi Patti and Amy Grant, the Christian girls next door, got divorced and started doing crossover music, and heads started exploding again ...

@Iam4MY Grant's take on it:


On the other hand Patti did cheat:


She appears to have found redemption though, as she was inducted in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame less than a decade after the affair.

Of course the problem isn't that she had an affair so much as that she represents people who judge such things harshly (or used to, anyway, witness: Trump, Roy Moore, etc). As often happens, when a fundamentalist Christian has a personal fall from grace or something else that violates dogma like a child coming out as gay, they suddenly see the light and become more liberal theologically in order to live with themselves. Both Patti and, especially, Grant also turned to secular crossover work to eliminate the issue entirely.

Or in the case of politics, if they have to overlook some major peccadillos in order to obtain power, they will do that too. Even though fundamentalism is about being right rather than doing right, it's amazing how negotiable their "principles" are under the right circumstances.


I worked for P&G for several years. We used to laugh about that one. I'd tell folks that when I went to Corporate Headquarters for senior staff meetings, we'd start with a small animal sacrifice to Satan.


"The peace sign is a sanatic symbol. It's made by breaking the arms of the crOSS and inverting it! No peace signs are allowed here!!Γ·!"

Now that you mention it, I have heard that as well. A gal that used to babysit me was asked by a priest why she had a necklace. She said it was a peace symbol. Preist said it was an inverted cross. Got confiscated. Is the Mercedes symbol also an inverted cross? Plus wasn't st peter crucified inverted?

@TheGreatShadow I don't understand why the cross is worshipped. Why worship the thing used to torture and kill your god? You don't see me walking around with a guillotine necklace. It's like if FDR came back and everyone was worshipping the bullet

@LadyAlyxandrea It's symbolism that jeebus died for our sins? However we are "born with original sin"?


I remember someone told me that! Omg, I was like, "are you kidding me?!"

Oh dear, I never realized how evil peace signs were until just now. I need to say a prayer of protection against the wicked influence of peace! "Dear Lord, peace sucks. Please make it go away. Amen."

@LadyAlyxandrea I want to go to a Halloween party with a small ice-pick around my neck. I will be going as a Trotskyist


I swear, this country will never move past the Puritans. They pulled that kind of shit over things like fairy tales and it's been going on ever since. They think they're being vigilant. They're just terrified that someone somewhere might be having a good time.


the only one that comes to mind right away is the entire Harry Potter series that has witches in it so Christians think that it must be the work of the devil

The Xtian crazies can't tell fact from fiction. They think what's in Harry Potter is real.

@memorylikeasieve well considering their base believes we can't really find that surprising can we LOL

@Drsmash253 very true! ?

Now they're saying that it is talking about the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's like wow, they were so adamant about it being about witchcraft to now they think it is a book discussing their faith. Make up your mind!


As a jw the list was endless. Basically all things "worldly ",music, film, books, wind chimes, smurfs, Pokemon, etc etc. It's a life that is micromanaged to the nth degree. Every aspect of your life including what you thought. It's a high control cult and it is a sinister one as well. The kind that may decide to drink the Coolade.

Now that you mention Smurfs, I wasn't allowed to watch it when I was young. I was told it was satanic. Don't remember why tho.

One of JWs "urban legends "is that a smurf doll brought in by a kid got up and walked in the kingdom hall. It's a crock like all of their superstitious nonsense.


P&G NEVER "sold soaps shaped like stars", the stars & moons were printed on their products as part of their long-time logo. Facts matter!

This is just what I was told. I did say bogous. My mom told me that and IIRC a preist told her that. This was before we had the internet, so it wasn't an email. Nor was it one of those stupid FB type things where "type amen and you will..."


The Proctor and Gamble thing is the only one that comes to mind. I guess I always thought any reason was let me say uninformed.(stupid)


oh I remember my mom getting passed that Chain Letter about Procter & Gamble being satanic there were dozens of other reasons supposedly but everyone as stupid as the last. This was also about the time Harry Potter came out and I would have loved to read it but was not allowed because of the Witchcraft of course. I think they had something against Pepsi products as well although I don't remember what. It seemed like evangelicals would pick a new company every week back then and turn their followers against them.

It's loads of fun to go to sites like Focus on the Family and see what they're boycotting this week. ?


First time I saw that. This has nothing to do with selling a product, but equally ridiculous

There was a lady that claimed the metal horns was satanic. It was on one of the Decline of Western Civilization. Claimed it denied the trinity, and spelled out 666. 666 Spells out Nero Ceazar. Couldn't find the exact video, ,but this is what it means.


I refuse to own, pet, or even acknowledge a cat because of their association to ancient Egyptian mythology πŸ˜‰

Cats are gods! lol

@TheGreatShadow Gods of being assholes! haha, but seriously, they are good pets. My older brother has a cat, and sometimes I go to his house just to hang out with his cat

@joeymf86 I love those little bastards!

Lol ... that reminds me, an elder in a church my first wife and I briefly attended, had the notion that any image of an owl in your house was an invitation to evil spirits and recommended your have a "cleansing ceremony" after tossing such things out. We had these little coasters that sat on an owl-shaped cradle that he thought was problematic. That was the same guy who recommended exorcism for my wife's mental health issues. Needless to say we didn't last long there, it was an Assembly of God megachurch that my wife was enamored with but I just couldn't handle that level of crazy.


Wow! That’s pretty bizarre. When and where was that?

This was probably in the mid 90's. I was still fairly young. My mom told me about it, and I think she heard about it from a preist here in Nebraska. One of the comments on this post was from someone who worked at P&G at the time claiming that they worked there at the time, and they would always joke about it at work.


I used to tangle with fundies associated with the American Family Association (then under the helm of Don Wildmon). They had a boycott of a number of companies (including Pepsi co and homo depot) over I believe it was, their stance on gay marriage. Since I strived to be as much of a thorn in their side as I could possibly be, I used their list as a reccomendation guide lol.

I have since moved on from these people. But their fundy ringleader likely still has a file of screencaps with my name on it in her computer. Even 8 years later.

Fun times. Banning each other from one another's Facebook groups, then finding ways to sneak in and eavesdrop. A practice that culminated one weekend just before Christmas when I planted a post in our group that I was staying in a certain room in a hotel in the ringleaders city. To see if they were indeed, being hypocritical (complaining about us sneaking into their lair, whilst doing the exact same thing).

They indeed were. And apparently, the police were called.

Didn't expect that 0_o.


I remember a long time ago when Harry Potter was still doing book releases, I was in my senior year of high school, there were people protesting the book. My friend and I thought it was silly and stood in line to wait for the store to open so we could get our books on reserve. One lady walked up to me and said,

"You know, this book is very demonic. It teaches witchcraft."

I laughed in her face. My friend and I couldn't stop laughing because we thought it was so hilarious. So I just stated that there is no where in the book where people are taught witchcraft and that it is just a story. She wouldn't budge and continued to talk at my ear. Yes, at my ear because I just tuned her out. I went in, bought my book, waved at her and left.

It just pissed me off that people would say such ridiculous things over literature. It can go way over the top.

Watching Harry potter right now. Lol

Might be fun to learn witchcraft. I guess Rowling had a crash course because I can’t see any other way that such plagiarised, stereotypical and cliched nonsense can appeal to so many!


don't play doom the vidio game because it has a pentagon in it and thats a sign of the devil

Ironically ID (the company that made doom) gave the source code to Wisdom Tree. COuld have been Wolfenstine tho... anywho same company. They got mad that they toned down the violence. The "new" game was Noaha's Arc 3D (or something). Rather than killing something, you are Noah shooting a slingshot to make animals fall to sleep by feeding them food.


I was told never to shop at TARGET b/c they were owned by Muslims and didn't allow Salvation Army to solicit donations during Christmas time.

Target French company I can't understand why more target signs are not shoot out


On the opposite side I have eaten in and out burger for the last time.

don't like them anyways. Was told something they donated money to the wrong political party the guy never said which one.

They actually have bible scriptures on the side of their hats. I know I'm a hypocrite on this, but I'd gladly buy another burger. In my defense they are an actual non-profit organization. Their starting wage is something like $15/hr. I have not heard anything about donating to any party. Maybe I should never go there again. Last time I had a burger was previous to knowing they were faith-baised. I have an In-N-Out cap and t-shirt. The closest In-In-Out is probably 1,000 miles from here. When I wear it, people think it is a dirty joke. Only people that know what it is lived in Cali.


Out of all the bogus religious bullshit I've heard, I'm kind of surprised that
I've never heard that one before.
Pretty freakin' absurd.

It is pathetic. Look through other comments, and they have verified it as well. Makes me sad that we all breath the same air!

@TheGreatShadow I do not doubt this at all. Given the level of ridiculous bullshit all religions spew, the only thing I'm surprised about is that I hadn't heard it before now.


Yes,somehow connected to Satan and his followers,an obscure thought someone said was real by rumors? Who really knows?

I think that is far-fetched. There are very few Luciferians in the world. An FBI report noted that in an investigation. They usually use symbols that aren't common.


I remember that! That cracked me up! Didn't a shampoo company get accused of using aborted babies in the 90's?

Might have been Jhonson and Jhonson. Not sure.

I think it was whoever makes Pantene because it was rumoured to have placenta in it.


A born again friend of ours was very concerned when she spotted my small Buddha statue in our living room.


i know a couple who would not let their son read harry potter. And the headmistress of the CoE church school that my grand children went to, threw a fit when my wife suggested they hold a halloween dance to raise some money.


I never had that experience at all it sounds too weird to contemplate people try to sell me products I wouldnt use in a thousand millennia but no one has tried that trick on me!



EMC2 Level 8 Sep 4, 2018

BUT---Proctor & Gamble tests their products on animals. That's why I boycott them!

I test my products on humans!

@TheGreatShadow As it should be! πŸ™‚

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