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What kind of foot do you have? ???

Sheannutt 9 Sep 5

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i have diabetic feet. i have freedom-loving feet. i have, so far, two feet. when i am home and have no visitors, i go barefoot all over. when i go out, i wear clothing, and slip-on sandals, cheap walgreen's sandals in tan or black. (if they sold other colors i'd get other colors.) my feet don't like being squoze. neither does the rest of me.



I know this isn't a popular opinion for a girl to have on the feet deforming shoes, but... I love them. I wish I could wear them (new ankle can't do a lateral balance, so no heels for me). I don't care about guys think of them, I like them.


I do have Italian or Roman toes - probably some priest in Ireland.


I only wear shoes I in which I can dance comfortably all night, or walk a couple of km in comfort.

I have no patience with the "suffering" to look good for men mentally.

MEN don't have to change anything before meeting a woman for coffee, but expect women to suffer, have high maintenance long hair, smear toxic beauty products on their faces, stuff their bodies into tight, feminine clothes, wear crippling shoes, etc. just so they can ogle them, while their guts hang out and they wear the same Dockers they always wear..

I do not dress to impress a man if they don't like the way I look oh well bye bye.

@Sheannutt Exactly. I don't worry about what men think of ME--only what I think of THEM. Mostly, they are gross..big guts, flabby, etc.
My ex was gorgeous airline pilot, fit, and my age. but he also later turned out to be a gaslighter, so that didn't work out.


It was someones version of the bird


Teva sandals, almost exclusively. My toes like to be free!

My tootsies love their freedom .

@Sheannutt How many tootsies do you have?

@AstralSmoke 10 ?


I still have two, that's good enough for me


Big My cowboy boots are shaped with that taper, that is why I only wear them on dress up occasion.

Oh what a big foot you have LOL

@Sheannutt Was going with your headline. I am 6 foot 3 inches tall, big feet just come with a big body.

@azzow2 wow you are very tall.


The pain of being a woman in the past. I believe most women know better know and save the pointy shoes for special occasions.

I never could wear these kind of shoes, my mother wore them for years and now her toes are really messed up.

@Sheannutt They are dangerous. I wore them more when younger, now I rarely wear them. Maybe if I am going somewhere I do not actually have to walk.

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