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What do you do better than anyone else?

By Redcupcoffee7
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I am widely regarded as a leading expert on beating California traffic tickets. The other two top experts recently retired.

I run an open mic with the best sound of any open mic in the LA/OC area.

I cook a great vegan chili.

I write fun protest songs and perform them accompanying myself on ukulele.

I design T-shits.

I'm the best me I can be.

mcgeo52 Level 8 Sep 7, 2018



I am better at being me than all of the impostors.


I think quickly on my feet...I remember hundreds of small facts daily, and I am killer at researching. I also make it a point to increase my vocabulary and love finding news way to use fun, perhaps obscure, words in daily conversations. I am abysmally lacking in being humble...(see what I did there? ha ha)

Sounds like you have a sharp, quick mind.

@Redcupcoffee lol I also like being sarcastic and a bit self-deprecating smile009.gif


Attract mosquitoes.

Byrdsfan Level 8 Sep 7, 2018

Nah. I guarantee I'm better!

add me to that list......they find me the instant I walk out the door.

@SukiSue This is something I would be quite happy to concede!

@Byrdsfan local mosquitoes love me

@Lavergne yup. The minute I show up everyone is so happy. I am like the bug zapper that attracts them all.

But you don't live in Canada1 Were you in Alaska you might see proper hoards but here in BC and Yukon we learned to accept mosquitoes as part of summer. Luckily many of us become immune to the consequent itch!


Every time I think I'm really good at something, somebody shows up and does it better. So I won't claim to be the best, but I'm a pretty good singer, I'm a damn good waitress, and I'm a fantastic kisser.

That's a pretty good resume ... i'd employ you ?


Being me. No one else can be me.

bleurowz Level 8 Sep 7, 2018

Procrastinate.... And many other things I will list later.

Yeah I forgot about procrastinating but i’ll get on that tomorrow


Take care of me! smile002.gif


In my work, there are some things I do better than anyone else. Outside of work, I have a lot to learn...

sfvpool Level 7 Sep 6, 2018


So what is your work?

@Redcupcoffee I repair, build, & design professional audio equipment.


Mama and Grammy.

That is the most loving and selfless role you could ever have. Thank you for your role in society, you are creating the citizens of tomorrow.

@Redcupcoffee Thank you! I did have good material to work with and my adult children are amazing citizens and really good people, my proudest accomplishment is their upbringing. Being a grandmother is just far beyond what I ever imagined it would be. This IS what life is about.

@HippieChick58 My grandmother is not with me (physically) anymore but she did raise me, I wonder what she thought of me and what I would grow up to be when she cared for me, I wonder if she's proud of me....I wonder what it's like to love a grandchild.

@Redcupcoffee Grandchildren are amazing. I love my kids, but the depth of love for my grandchildren takes my breath away. I am sure your grandmother would be proud of you. As far as I can tell you are a wonderful person, kind, and intelligent. That is what we want, for our offspring to be good people. Forget riches, fame, good looks. We want good people, that is what matters. I tell my kids all the time how proud of them I am. And when SamSam and Austin are old enough to understand I will tell them the same.


I am the living example of what white people are better at than any other race.

I can sunburn like no one else.

ThisGuy Level 6 Sep 8, 2018

Have a come back for just about anything said. I'm pretty quick on my feet.


I'm pretty sure that anything I do exceptionally well, that there is someone else who does it better.

daylily Level 8 Sep 7, 2018

Not to brag too much, but I think I may be better at being average than anyone else.

AlPastor Level 6 Sep 7, 2018

I can remember better than anyone I know. I even remember where my lockers were in school 60 years ago. I remember peoples faces very well. My answer to this is "Memory". Just recently at 74, it has begun to rust, due to age I suspect, but all my life I could depend on my memory to be correct. It was a good thing to have in the law enforcement end of my job.

Wow this is genius level stuff. I've heard of people like you. Is this inherited, or do you work on it?

@Redcupcoffee Inherited, could do it as a small kid. My father could recite long speeches made years ago by famous people. He was dyslexic, couldn't read at all. But he listened to records of speeches and memorize them in German, French and English. I got through college that way. I listened to recordings of lectures over and over, then was tested verbally and got it all correct. I am called a "compensated dyslexic", by the professionals. I can read, but it is very slow figuring it out. My father claimed he was a genius, but I don't think so. Four out of five of his children have dyslexia. I'm the only one who can remember details and the only girl. Thanks for your interest. I would like to say to you, @Redcupcoffee, I've noticed you have the most beautiful face in all of You are a live doll smile001.gif


Scream at the sight of a roach . I CAN RESURRECT the dead better and faster than jesus boy .

Pralina1 Level 8 Sep 7, 2018

There are several ways to interept that last statement. I'll play safe and go with the professional nurse thang ?

@SimonCyrene ???????


Find the crazies.

Hahahaha! Oh ya? Hahaha

@Capnblu I'm eerily consistent with this skill. Eerily.

I've married most of them


Keep my nose out of other peoples business

That is an admirable talent.

@Donotbelieve and I appreciate when people keep their nose out of mine as well

@jc2018 I concur!


With the blood thinners I am on, I can bleed better than all of you ???

I'm extremely anaemic, I challenge you! smile007.gif


Witty repartee, or so I’m told. Useless skill. What about you?

Jenelle Level 6 Sep 6, 2018

Being witty is a wonderful quality.


Loving and caring for my girlfriend Jenn.

xenoview Level 6 Sep 6, 2018

Seriously this is truly wonderful

@Gooniesnvrdie Why? Loving and caring for another human being is barf-worthy? What the hell is wrong with you?


i am the best allegorical thinker i know. i see connections between things. on a practical level this is not as useful as you may think, but it isn't as useless as it looks either.


genessa Level 8 Sep 6, 2018

It sounds incredibly useful, like an engineer.

@Redcupcoffee oh i hope so! but in different circumstances smile001.gif)



I think I do a pretty job of helping people in my community

Charity begins at home.


Nothing... maybe if I ever pick one thing to do I might be the best but alas, I am more a 'Jill of many things'

Heidi68 Level 8 Sep 6, 2018

Turn lemons into lemonade...

Lavergne Level 7 Sep 7, 2018

Positivity is the wonderful quality to have

@Redcupcoffee and then we put a little vodka in the lemonade and have a little fun.... smile009.gif


Thinking outside the box or knowing useless, obscure or weird trivial things (A genuine Cliff Claven). It's a curse.

Lukian Level 8 Sep 7, 2018

Bet that makes you interesting to be around.....smile009.gif

@Lavergne potentially? lol, Thanks

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