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Just curious, what is the highest level you can get here?? I am level 6.6 ... what about you?

vmedel 6 Sep 11

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Brand new level 6


6.9 here. Does that mean anything?

twill Level 7 Sep 11, 2018

I'm not sure lol


I'm at level 6.7. I think when I reached 7,000 points, my level went an tenth every 600 points. I should be at level 6.8 with 280 points or so. I will happy at level 7. Since, it's taken awhile to get there. I'm curious of the perks of that level are.

Me too!


10 is the highest level-1 million points. I am currently at 9.1 approximately 287,000 points.



I'm 8.3 but I really don't know, not that I'm bothered.


I'm a little 5.2 here.

Hordo Level 6 Sep 11, 2018

I'm at 7.4. I'm told level 8 is a magical place in which provides clothing, food, and shelter. Or at least 1 out of 3. OK, a t-shirt.


Level 10. However, none of us want to get there as it's rumoured that anyone who does is declared too exhausted to be of further use and shot.

Jnei Level 8 Sep 11, 2018

last I checked working hard to win a shirt @ level 8 as I hope they have size 3xlt for my giant body I am 6'5 inches tall born an Atheist and not going to reject basic mathematics for trinitarianism.... one plus one plus one equals three proving there is no such thing as a former Atheist who now claims the factual answer is "one Jehovah Geebush Ghostholes" trinity


I'm apparently stuck at 6.8 no matter what I do.

you'll make 7 keep posting and commenting and making friends, it's a much longer road to 8 but about a dozen here made it in about a year of "community" chat hours per day....just here dating is not likely to win many points, I fight the battle of freedom from theocracy here so I keep busy building a fire under the closeted Atheists to come out and repeal IN gawd WE TRUST from our money and restore our national motto E PLURIBUS UNUM

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