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Addendum: I did not mean we were couch potatoes I was curious if anyone like organized sports. (oh boy).

Do Agnostics like sports?

This question comes up time and again.

It seems many of us lack this trait because the trait that would keep us locked into a religion kind of makes us go "meh" about sports.

However I'd love to find out - so here's a poll!
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RavenCT 9 Sep 12

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Dance contests of most types, competitive cheerleading, women's gymnastics...even in my sports I'm stuck on well toned female forms.

It's business as well as pleasure though. I've recruited many performers from such events. I've worked with a lot of "fly girls" (those who get tossed into the air, for any who didn't know) and similar alphas who look forward to the attention of being the only (or lead) "front" in a stage show.

I've thought about the correlation of lack of interest in religion and sports. I've just never understood the appeal...the absolute mania...created by a bunch of sweaty guys jumping all over each other. (So apparently being a catholic is totally out for me, huh?)


The idea that atheists are unathletic is absurd. Not believing in a god makes us sedentary? Ridiculous.

I am a lifelong athlete. Hiking, swimming, running, weight lifting, backpacking, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, rowing and more.

Have been atheist since age 13, when I realized the Bible is just a book of stories written by men.

Yup - oops - didn't write that clearly. Not what I meant. lol


Some like sports and despise any form of religion........ Still I don't see what's the relationship between the two.

Some people have a religious fervour about their support for a team. Also, supporting some teams is very much a matter of religion, think of Rangers and Celtic in Glasgow.


I can understand the emotional appeal but the logical side also sees the pointlessness and more so the Bread and circuses effect behind them.


I didn't like sports when I was a Christian, so religion (to me) has nothing to do with it.


I grew up watching most major team sports, but I did lose most of my enthusiasm for them around the same time as I was abandoning religion. There is something to be said about the type of person that easily falls for nationalism, tribalism, being especially swayed in the ways necessary to get excited enough about sports to have grown men wearing shirts with other mens name on it and crying when they leave town. Conservatism also has a high correlation with being a football, NASCAR, baseball and fight fan. I appreciate basketball the most as a spectator. It's the most graceful flowing game and was my main love growing up but I don't follow or watch it anymore. would probably still enjoy seeing a hockey game or a baseball game live but all the sports I participate in and give a fuck about have no teams or mascots. Martial arts, poker, bowling, hiking, even gaming and being a musician I would consider being an athlete of micro movements and fast-twitch muscle reactions. All of which are far more interesting and ethical to play or even watch than the NFL or MLB these days.


I grew up in Nebraska where the mantra is Go Big Red. Big Red being the Cornhuskers, the college football team. I never got it. The only sports I voluntarily watch are ice skating and gymnastics. I chose to watch a superbowl one year, what a waste of an afternoon. Aside from the fact that we pay athletes way too much and don't hold them accountable for their actions, we pay millions in taxpayer dollars for stadiums the taxpayer cannot afford to attend. It is just foolishness.

I do enjoy the Olympics. Or at least parts of them.

I understand competing against yourself. To do better?


I am a CFB fan, luv to watch. But I also do a fair amount of bike riding and play a bit of pickleball. Gotta stay somewhat fit.


I enjoy listening to Baseball. I am not religious about it.

Little League and womens softball finals. But only if there is really nothing else going on.


I like some sports. I used to play softball in high school, and a couple of leagues when I was older. I ran track in high school. Played tennis. Played baseball with
the neighborhood kids, and basketball.
Now, I watch college football (GO Gators!!!!), not the pros. I watch Yankees baseball, when I can catch a game.
I'll watch some tennis. I'll even watch Olympic curling matches.
Nothing wrong with sports.
Everything in moderation.


People waste to much time viewing sports ,betting on sports,debating sports ,arguing about sports watching sports on tv and spending huge amounts of money on tickets to stupid sports events to watch rich people throw balls around when they should get off their asses and actually participate in them. I submitted a post on this topic on the main site


I watch most of the 49ers games and have a singular appreciation for a nice golf shot but generally No. I was really turned off professional sports when I heard a baseball player comment during the strike several years ago. A player said that not all players get millions of dollars a year. "Some of us only make $600 thousand a year." Like that was barely enough to live on. SMH


I'd rather go for a walk.

Yup me too.


I love cycling, which can be a team sport (as at, for example, the Tour de France) or an individual sport (riders without teams in other mass-start races, or time trials for example).

Jnei Level 8 Sep 13, 2018

I belong to a club where people smack each other with swords, shoot arrows with bows, swing maces, fence, and fight with battle axes and polearms. Sometimes there is dancing later.

Deb57 Level 8 Sep 13, 2018

Now this is more what I expected? I must find a better way to ask about what I want to know! 🙂

I have family that does that too.

Sounds like the crusades to me.?

@MrChange LARPing etc...


I like and played sports all my life. Also, I have to thank my youth baseball league (and the 80's Bears) for keeping me away on Sundays from that indoctrinating church nonsense. And I've been an Atheist since sometime before puberty.


Does this beg the question as to what exactly qualifies as sports?


As an unabashed athiest, I have been a lifetime athlete, but not much of a watcher. My least favorite sport is pro football. Would rather watch Misty Copeland dance swan lake. Now there is an athlete!!!


I'd much rather play sports than watch them. I'm bad at all of it but as long as I'm having fun and getting a workout that's all that matters to me.


I played sports in my youth, but was never very good and really didn't enjoy it much for the most part. Individual activities appealed to me more than cooperative team sports, so weight training, cross country, etc., were more my sort of physical activity or sport. But when it comes to spectator sports, I hate them. Whatever in-group mindset is required to care about a particular team or player is something I'm quite happy to be lacking. I'd have difficulty paying attention to football, for example, even if you paid me to sit through a game.


I like skateboarding, but I don’t want to watch skaters anymore. My son was phenomenal. I like individual sports, like riding bikes, lifting weights, hiking, etc. I absolutely hate shit like football, though. It is puke-worthy.

I used to be able to sit with people to watch a football game on TV - until I learned about Traumatic Brain injury. It became an even worse sport to me then and I just won't.

@RavenCT injury’s the only thing I like about it...


I have no interest in sports, but I don't care that other people do. I'm just uninterested.


I started an new Group yesterday for NCAA Football. So far, underwhelming.

Where... I'll join.

@jeshuey Right here []

I was about to tell you to link it! Cross pollinating is fair play!


I like baseball, but sports in general I can take them or leave them. I was never a sports fan really even as a believer so in my case I don’t see a correlation between religious belief and sports love.

JDRay Level 5 Sep 12, 2018

I can enjoy playing sports but usually find it unsettling how much importance is assigned to them by others.

I can enjoy philosophical conversations about the nature of reality and consciousness but find it unsettling how much importance people put into believing they have found the answers.


I don't care about team sports but most of my agnostic / atheist friends are sports fanatics. I prefer hiking, cycling, etc.

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