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Bringing People Together!

I posted this yesterday on my facebook page, and I had 2 different types of reactions, all my American friends expressed anger or sadness, and all my Arab friends expressed laughter, Why do think reactions differ?

Below is the FB post!

"Love and hate!

Yesterday while I was sitting in a coffee shop enjoying my time, a very cute couple were sitting next to me, apparently one their first date, trying to find common ground and mutual interests, they both agreed on how much they hate Arabs!"

Naeem 6 Jan 24

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I am stumped? I am trying to take myself back 50-60 years to MY youth, to see if I could come up with something! And, all that I can find is...I would not have been speaking about other people in general, on a date...first or later! So, how does it 'hit' me makes me sad! I find nothing to laugh about, for sure! Were they attempting to radicalize each other, so they would share something in common? I guess we will never know? Yes, I find it sad...their world is small, and it is going to be very boring together...if it works out?


Try doing it again next year with the word Americans. You will probably have the opposite results.

@Naeem Americans may not have as as refined of humor.


My guess would be the same reason I laugh when people ask if im a vampire or if ill burst into.flames in the sun..... I can laugh at myself....I could be totally wrong

@Naeem it's done in fun for the most part. I don't count my brother because i call him a yetti lol. There was a kid about 12ish that I scared once hahahahaha I'm sure she was reading twilight hahahaha.


I suppose it depends on what side of the fence you are sitting on and what life experience you have had.


My reaction is an eye roll. I think the reactions are easily explained. If you are a thoughtful American, this is a slap in the face, one more example of American ignorant bigotry. And while you know it totally does not represent you or others you know, it IS evidence that bigotry is alive and well in America, which is a serious threat, as well as just sad.
If you are Arab, not to laugh would be to take the insult against Arabs personally. Unfortunately, it is also an opportunity to call out how apparently widespread this stupidity is among Americans. :/


Disgusting and sad-hate is a waste-only ignorant people hate.


How ironic would it be for a couple to make hatred a basis for their relationship. Almost as ironic as a politician making hatred a basis for his support. Ultimately neither the relationship nor the politician are on firm foundations.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


I find it comical and I'm from the US, but my sarcasm game is strong and I live in the South, so I see these bigots first hand on a regular basis. If you don't find the comedy in it, you're doomed to be forever angry and bitter. Cultural bias doesn't change overnight.

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