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I wonder if someone driving a VW bug knows that they're starting fist-fights wherever they go?

Duke 8 Sep 16

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I had to look this one up. I have never heard them referred to as that. Ya learn something new every day. 😀


Why else would you drive one?


...i see the often; heard that they
are going to be discontinued


I'm afraid I don't see any reality in this statement, or get it if it's meant as a joke.

This might help:

Ahhh, I see! Thanks!
(I own a 2013 VW Beetle, btw.)


I really enjoy watching folks punch each other as I drive.


Or cars with a headlight out...

Ahh yes... the ol' padiddle.

@Bierbasstard Ah I see you've played.


Back in the day though I had never heard the term until I was 19.


Main reason for driving one, I always thought.

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